Pope Francis goes Occidentali’s Karma

by Michalis Vranis 1,735 views

It’s not a secret that the Italian 2017 Eurovision participation is among the so called favourites to win the competition in May, (at least this is the feedback that we get from the Eurovision fan community). Even Pope Francis is among those fans who support Fransesco Gabbani’s Eurovision journey. 

You don’t believe so? Check this out

Il Papa canta Occidentali's Karma

Se ti piace, clicca il pollice qua sopra! Saluti Cari da Mauro Casciari.com

Опубликовано Mauro Casciari 23 февраля 2017 г.

The presentation of the song as we witnessed it in San Remo, features a Gorilla and the song is totally in Italian language. As Fransesco Gabbani stated recently, he will stick to only Italian but he’s unsure if the Gorilla will be on stage with him.

The video posted above belongs to the famous Italian entertainer Mauro Casciari. Check out his Facebook page.