Slovenia: Omar Naber wins the Slovenian ticket to Kyiv!

by Eleanor Cooper 1,724 views

The 2017 edition of EMA, Slovenia’s Eurovision preselection show, has been concluded and the winner is Omar Naber!

Tonight saw the final 8 acts competing for the right to represent Slovenia at the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest this coming May in the host city of Kyiv.

Performing live to both the public and jury for a final time, it was down to a combined vote in order to determine the winner of EMA 2017. Both the public and jury each gave 6 sets of votes to the competing acts, with 504 points in total on offer.

EMA 2017 final results

With the jury votes presented first, it was Omar Naber who was the initial favourite of the competition, followed by Nuška Drašček in second and Raiven in third. Combined with the televote, Naber remained successful and won EMA 2017! The votes were given as follows:

  1. Omar NaberOn my way (Public: 60 points / Jury: 64 points / Combined: 124 points)
  2. BQLHeart of gold (Public: 72 points / Jury: 42 points / Combined: 114 points)
  3. RaivenZažarim (Public: 48 points / Jury: 46 points / Combined: 94 points)
  4. Nuška DraščekFlower in the snow (Public: 12 points / Jury: 56 points / Combined: 68 points)
  5. Nika ZorjanFse (Public: 36 points / Jury: 20 points / Combined: 56 points)
  6. Sell OutNi panike (Public: 24 points / Jury: 0 points / Combined: 24 points)
  7. KiNG FOOWild ride (Public: 0 points / Jury: 14 points / Combined: 14 points)
  8. Tim KoresOpen fire (Public: 0 points / Jury: 10 points / Combined: 10 points)

Listen to and watch the winning song below!

This is not Naber’s first time appearing at the Eurovision Song Contest, having previously represented the nation in 2005 with the song Stop. In the semi-final of the competition, which was also hosted in Kyiv, Naber received a total of 69 points and finished in 12th place, therefore failing to qualify to the final.

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