Israel: Imri Ziv wins Rising Star for Eurovision 2017 and goes to Kyiv!

by Gil Laufer 2,971 views

Israel has chosen. Imri Ziv is the winner of Rising Star for Eurovision 2017 and will represent Israel in Kyiv. The song will be selected internally and is expected to be released towards the end of the month-beginning of March.

The results of the first round were decided by the votes of the four judges (12%; 3% for every judge) as well as by app voting (88%), where the viewers could vote yes or no for each performance.The percentages mark the amount of yes votes received. In the first phase of the final, the four finalists competed in duels. The winner of each duel qualified directly to the superfinal:

  • Imri Ziv (78%) – Beatbox Element (52%)
  • Julieta (53%) – Diana Golbi (84%)

The judges decided to save Julieta with 3 votes against 1 and to give her another chance in the superfinal.

During the superfinal, the vote of each judge equaled to one app vote. The artists performed in ascending order by their previous result. The results of the superfinal were as follows:

  • Julieta (58%)
  • Imri Ziv (74%)
  • Diana Golbi (67%)

Imri Ziv is 24 years old and comes from the city of Hod HaSharon in central Israel. This will be his third Eurovision, as he was a backing singer for Nadav Guedj in 2015 and Hovi Star in 2016.

After nine shows, Rising Star for Eurovision 2017 has come to its end. Imri Ziv was declared as the winner and will represent Israel at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. A special committee will now receive possible entries for Imri and the Israeli entry is expected to be revealed towards the end of February or the beginning of March.

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