Watch now: Heat 1 of Supernova 2017 in Latvia

by Gil Laufer 1,156 views

February Sundays are always the time for Latvia’s Supernova. The first of four shows will be aired tonight and out of eleven entries, only four will make it to the semifinal stage.


A total of 22 songs will participate in Supernova 2017, and tonight the first half of them will take the stage. A mixture of tele- and online voting will give two entries a ticket to the final, while an expert jury will choose another two.


  1. Linda LeenWho is in charge
  2. Katrīna CīruleBlood runs quicker
  3. Anna ZankovskaRage love
  4. Lauris ValtersMagic years
  5. Edgars KreilisWe are angels
  6. First QuestionNaked
  7. Miks DukursSpiritual priest
  8. PikasoU (Can keep your cools)
  9. Crime SeaEscape
  10. Franco FrancoUp
  11. Rock’n’BerriesFeel the love


The show will begin at 20:25 CET (21:25 local time) and will end at 22:50 CET, runs for long 2 hours and 25 minutes.

Supernova 2017 Agenda

  • 05/02 – Heat 1
  • 12/02 – Heat 2
  • 19/02 – Semifinal (8 acts)
  • 26/02 – Final (4 acts)

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