Join ESCToday’s National Preview live show every Saturday at 18:00 CET!

by Gil Laufer 298 views

Following our daily live broadcasts from the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in Stockholm, this year’s preselections season will get to see a series of live shows featuring the latest news as countries prepare for this year’s contest in Kyiv, Ukraine.


Each show will be broadcasted live from a different location where a national selection is held, and will cover a variety of aspects, including:

  • Coverage of the participating songs
  • Backstage preparations
  • Interviews
  • Reactions
  • Polls and predictions
  • Questions and Answers with the online watchers
  • More surprises!


The broadcast will begin at 18:00 CET and will run for approximately 30 minutes. It will be aired via ESCToday’s YouTube Channel and Facebook Page, and viewers will be able to comment, react and take part in the broadcast.

This week’s show will be aired from the Scandinavium Arena in Göteborg, Sweden, where the first semifinal of Melodifestivalen 2017 will take place.


  • 04/02 – Show 1: Göteborg, Sweden
  • 11/02 – Show 2
  • 18/02 – Show 3
  • 25/02 – Show 4
  • 04/03 – Show 5
  • 11/03 – Show 6

Stay tuned to ESCToday for more live updates from the various national selections for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017!