Italy: RAI announces the complete lineup of Sanremo Music Festival 2017

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The Italian broadcaster RAI has revealed the 3o acts which will participate in the 67th edition of the Sanremo Song Festival. A total of 22 acts will participate in the Campioni (Established) group and additional eight will go for the Nuove Proposte (Newcomers) group.

The list of artist was allegedly leaked three days ago. However, this is the official list as published by RAI. The two groups will have their own competition side-by-side, however only the winner of the Campioni group will have the right of representing Italy in Eurovision 2017.

Campioni Group

More than 800 entries were examined and shortlisted to the final 22.

  1. Al Bano – Di rose e di spine
  2. Alessio BernabeiNel mezzo di un applauso
  3. Bianca AtzeiOra esisti solo tu
  4. Chiara GaliazzoNessun posto è casa mia
  5. ClementinoRagazzi fuori
  6. Elodie Tutta colpa mia
  7. Ermal MetaVietato morire
  8. Fabrizio MoroPortami via
  9. Firoella MannoiaChe sia Benedetta
  10. Francesco GabbaniOccidentalis karma
  11. Gigi D’Alessio La prima stella
  12. Giusy FerreriFatalmente male
  13. Lodovica ComelloIl cielo non mi basta
  14. Marco MasiniSpostato di un secondo
  15. Michele BraviIl diario degli errori
  16. Michelle ZarrilloMani nelle mani
  17. Nesli & Alice PabaDo retta a te
  18. Paola TurciFatti bella per te
  19. Raige & Giulia LuziTogliamoci la voglia
  20. RonL’ottava meraviglia
  21. Samuel Vedrai
  22. Sergio Silvestre Con te

Al Bano previously represented Italy in Eurovision 1976 and 1985, both times in a duet with his wife, Romina Power. This will be his 15th appearance in Sanremo, the latest being in 2011.

Nuove Proposte Group

Six out of the eight participants of this group were chosen among twelve acts in the Giovani group. Another two were chosen via Area Sanremo, a camp for young musicians held by RAI offering a training program and master classes. Last year, this group saw Francesco Gabbani taking the first prize with his instant hit Amen. He participates in the Campioni group this year.

Qualified via Giovani:

Qualified via Area Sanremo:

  • BraschiNel mare ci sono i coccodrilli
  • Valeria FarinacciInsieme

Sanremo 2017 Dates (Full explanation of the festival’s mechanism)

  • 07/02: Night 1 (Campioni section begins)
  • 08/02: Night 2 (Campioni section continues; Nuove Proposte begins)
  • 09/02: Night 3 (Campioni and Nuove Proposte sections continues)
  • 10/02: Night 4 (Campioni section cover night; Nuove Proposte winner decided)
  • 11/02: Night 5 (Campioni winner decided)

Since its comeback to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011, Italy used Sanremo to choose its representative (except for 2014). Last year, Stadio were declared as winners with a total of 43% of the votes at the Top 3 stage. However, they were unable to compete due to tour commitments, and runner up Francesca Michielin was sent to finish 16th in Stockholm with Nessun grado di separazione, entitled No degree of seperation for the international contest.

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