Introducing the 2009 entries: United Kingdom

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All entries in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest are known, but the actual contest is still three weeks away. As a warm-up, we introduce one of the entries every day in random order. Part thirty-seven is dedicated to the entry from the United Kingdom.

Basic information

Performer: Jade Ewen
Song: It's my time
Language: English
Music: Andrew Lloyd Webber, Diane Warren
Lyrics: Andrew Lloyd Webber, DianeWarren
Draw: 23rd in the final

The song

It's my time is a classicpop/musical ballad. The lyrics are about finding one's place in life and achieving what he or she wanted. According to Diane Warren, it can seen as a reference to a person but also to a whole country.

I've got the will, I've earned the right
To show you it's my time tonight

It's my time, it's my time
My moment, I'm not gonna let go of it
My time, it's my time
And I stand proud
There's nothin' I'm afraid of
I'll show you what I'm made of
Show you all it's my time now

The singer

Jade Ewen was born in 1988 as the daughter of a Jamaican mother and father, who is half Sicilian. She would attend the Sylvia Young Theatre School, an insitution with famous graduates like Emma Bunton, Amy Winehouseand Leona Lewis and also 1991 UK Eurovision Song Contest representative Samantha Janus. At the age of only twelve years, she starred as Nala in the West End production of the musical The Lion King (the same role in the same prodcution was also already played by Javine, UK representative in 2005).

Later, Jade would make her way all to Australia, where she appeared in 14 episodes of the TV series Out there between 2003 and 2004. Other appearances as an actress followed, before she entered the music business in 2005. She became a member of the Trinity Stone, which was signed with Sony BMG. Some singles were released in the United Kingdom and Russia to minor success,butthe groupworked with American R&B singer Ne-Yoon his song Real Love. The group split up in 2007 and Jade hasbeen persuing her solo career since. The online single Stolen love/Got you was released in 2008.

She entered the performer selection for the United Kindom's entry for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. She could win Your Country Needs You and she will therefore sing the Andrew Lloyd Webber and Diane Warren composition It'smy time in Moscow. InFebruary, she signeda contract with Polydor and her debut album is expectedto be released later this year.Gary Barlow of Take That will work on some of the songs.

The national selection

The United Kingdom's representative was chosen with a new format this year. Andrew Lloyd Webber had internally been chosen as composer for the country's song in Moscow and a nation wide talent search took place to select the singer. Six act competed in four live shows with one act being eliminated in each heat before the final. Jade could win the national final, although she was in the bottom two the week before. Andrew Lloyd Webber chose American songwriter Diane Warren as lyricist for the song, but it later turned out that It's my time was collaboration on both the music and the words. After 51 participations, it was the first time that the UK song was not chosen in a public selection (although the performers were selected internally on many occasions).

The United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest

The United Kingdom debuted in the second edition of the Eurovision Song Contest and the seventh place out of ten participants was definitely not an omen of later successes. After a break in 1958, the country returend in 1959 and has not missed an edition since making it the country with the most consecutive participations and, along with France, the country with the second most participations in total. In total, the United Kingdom won the contest five times, finished second 15 times and came third three times and is therefore proabably the most succesful country ever. However, over the last ten participations, the UK finished in the top ten only once and achieved its first two last places in 2003 and 2008.

We wish the United Kingdom and Jade Ewen the best of luck and a good result in Moscow!


Jade talks to

National final performance:

The preview video:

Performing The voice within in the second elimination round:

Trinity Stone with Move a little closer:

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Tomorrow, we will take a look at the Hungarian entry.

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