Your 2009 Eurovision favourites so far (10)

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All 42 entries in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest 2009 are known. Everytime an entry was selected, held a poll asking the readers to evaluate the song and weekly charts are presented to show the most popular entries chosen so far among the readers.

How does it work?

Once an entry is selected, a poll is held with the following six options: I love it, I like it, It's ok, It's nothing special, I don't like it and I hate it. The options are transferred to points of the values 3, 2, 1, -1, -2 and -3 respectively. The percentage an option got is then multiplied by its value. Therefore, the highest score an entry can get is +300, the lowest is -300.

What is the object of this poll?

These polls are just held "for fun" and supposed to reveal which songs have the most fans so far. The charts are in no way supposed to predict the outcome of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest.

In most polls you can find on the internet, people can just vote for their favourites, so songs that have many fans are likely to top those polls, no matter how many people don't like them at all. Our polls include likes and dislikes, so songs that polarise very much are most likely to be found in the middle of theboard, while the songs at the top are usually the ones that would find the highest approval if they did well in the Eurovision Song Contest, no matter if they are seen as top favourites.

Charts for 30th March 2009

The results are based on the votes cast until 19:00 CET.

Pl. Country Song Lastweek Change Poll
1 Bosnia & Herzegovina Bistra voda 1st = here
2 Norway Fairytale 2nd = here
3 United Kingdom It's my time 5th up here
4 Portugal Todas as ruas do amor 4th = here
5 Sweden La voix 6th up here
6 Finland Lose control 3rd down here
7 Azerbaijan Always 7th = here
8 Spain La noche es para mí 14th up here
9 Greece This is our night 11th up here
10 Turkey Düm tek tek 10th = here
11 Iceland Is it true? 13th up here
12 Romania The Balkan girls 8th down here
13 Estonia Rändajad 12th down here
14 Denmark Believe again 19th up here
15 Andorra La teva decisió 18th up here
16 Germany Miss kiss kiss bang 15th down here
17 Switzerland The highest heights 9th down here
18 France Et s'il fallait le faire 20th up here
19 Hungary Dancewith me 16th down here
20 Malta What if we 21st up here
21 Montenegro Just get out of my life 17th down here
22 Albania Carry me in your dreams 22nd = here
23 Lithuania Love 26th up here
24 Israel There must be another way 24th = here
25 Slovenia Lovesymphony 23rd down here
26 Moldova Hora din Moldova 24th down here
27 Ireland Etcetera 27th = here
28 Croatia Lijepa Tena 28th = here
29 Poland I don't wanna leave 29th = here
30 Netherlands Shine 31st up here
31 Armenia Nor par 32nd up here
32 Bulgaria Illusion 33rd up here
33 Cyprus Firefly 30th down here
34 Belgium Copycat 34th = here
35 Russia Mamo 35th = here
36 Ukraine Be my Valentine 37th up here
37 Slovakia Let' tmou 36th down here
38 Serbia Cipela 38th = here
39 FYR Macedonia Nešto što kje ostane 39th = here
40 Belarus Eyes thatnever lie 40th = here
41 Czech Rpublic Aven romale 41st = here
42 Latvia Probka 42nd = here

Comparison with the YourOne poll

If we compare the YourOne poll, where everyone can pick his or her #1 favourite with the poll charts, where each entry is rated separately, some interesting details are revealed: The Turkish entry still seems to be the most polarising ones this year. While it is the top favourite of the voters in the YourOne poll, it has about as many people who "love it" as people who "hate it". On the other hand, the entries from Bosnia & Herzegovina and Norway have many people who like the song but they are also the number one favourites of many readers and have a relatively small amount of "haters".

Analysis of the poll charts

As we come closer to the Eurovision Song Contest, more and more votes are cast and the result become more steady now. There are no changes in the top two and few changes in the top ten. The only country that had to face a major downfall is Switzerland, which also had to experience a loss of interest last week. Spain is back in the top ten.

Don't forget to vote in the new polls that were launched some time ago, if you have not done so yet!

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