Austria: Liane Augustin gets a place named after her

by Marcus Klier 170 views

Liane Augustin, who represented Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest 1958, will get a place in Vienna named after her. The Augustinplatz will honour a successful singer and actress who was not only popular in her home country but also in the United States.

The comitee of culture decided to rename the place in the seventh district of Vienna last October. Currently, the place is named after Marx or Markus Augustin, but it was decided that more street names and places shall be named after women.

Liane Augustin was born in Berlin but her family moved to Austria when she was a teenager. After a successful career with performances all over the world, she died in Vienna in 1978 at the age of only 49. She was the second Austrian representative in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1958 with the song Die ganze Welt braucht Liebe finishing fifth in a field of ten participants. She had been chosen internally be the broadcaster.

Liane Augustin in Hilversum, 1958: