Montenegro: Eurovision staging details revealed

by Jessica Weaver 805 views

The Montenegrin national broadcaster, RTCG, has released details regarding Highway’s stage performance at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest.

Highway, the Montenegrin band internally selected to represent the nation at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, has been working on preparations over the months leading up to the Stockholm-hosted competition.

Rehearsing in the Serbian capital of Belgrade in recent weeks, Highway arrived in Podgorica earlier this week accompanied by 2 backing vocalists, Nikole Marjanovića and Marije Lazić, who will perform alongside the band on the Eurovision stage over the coming days.

Band member Marko Pešić spoke of the band’s upcoming performance:

We are ready! When we were rehearsing in Belgrade, the impression was that the song has never sounded so powerful, thanks to the backing vocalists among other things. We received an email from Stockholm with the [stand in] video, the organisers have practically imitated us and showed us how it will look. After we watched the footage, we are even more convinced that that we will evoke the energy of the song and the band.

Pešić continued, joking that if Highway do not qualify to the final, they will not return to Montenegro! This goal has been long planned. We want to continue a series of success for Montenegro in the final as with the last 2 years, concludes Pešić.

Highway and Montenegro’s rehearsals take place on the 3 and 6 May before they are set to compete in the first semi-final of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest on the 10 May. The band will be 15th to perform on the Globe Arena stage with their entry The real thing.