Replay: 3rd semifinal and final in Spain

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The third and last semifinal of Eurovision 2009: El Retorno is about to kick off. Ten participants will compete tonight for a place in the national final, to be held at the second half of tonight's show. Four of them will qualify directly, as the second chance phase has been cancelled, and the other two contestants who were placed in that stage become finalists automatically. The Spanish representative in Moscow will be known at the end of the show. It will be decided through jury vote and public televote, at a 50/50 split.

The show

The national broadcaster, TVE, is airing the show on its main channel TVE1 and on TVE International as well. A webcast to follow the show is available on Once the show concludes, it will be available on demand on the broadcaster's website here .


This year's series of programmes to choose the Spanish representative in Moscow are held in Barcelona, at the Casino de la Aliança de Poblenou. Alaska and Miguel Serrano Olivares are the hosts of the shows.

Participants translation of song titles in brackets, if needed :

3rd semifinal

  • Santa Fe Samba House
  • El secreto de Álex Por esta vez For this time
  • Julia Bermejo Ya no estás You're not here anymore
  • Biquini Una chica normal An ordinary girl
  • Solydo Tú You
  • Mirela Nada es comparable a ti Nothing compares to you
  • Beatriz ¿Dónde te metes? Where are you?
  • Dulce Bésame Kiss me
  • Isi Ahora no Not now
  • RemembrancesEspejismo Mirage
  • Melody – Amante de la Luna Lover of the Moon
  • La La Love You – Dame un beso Give me a kiss
  • Noelia Cano – Cruza los dedos Cross your fingers
  • Soraya – La noche es para mí The night is for me
  • Virginia – True love
  • Jorge González – Si yo vengo a enamorarte If I come to inspire love in you
  • 3 more finalists qualifying directly from the semifinal
  • 3 more finalists qualifying from the second chance round, as it has been cancelled

Your opinion

You can vote for your favourite act at tonight's semifinal in the poll that is running here. A new poll for the final will be open once the 10 finalists acts are known.


The final night in Spain starts! Miguel Serrano and Alaska welcome the viewers outside the venue. The special guest, Carlos Baute, appears now on stage performing a Spanish cover of A-ba-ni-bi.

As usual, Alaska starts the show by introducing the members of the jury: Mariola Orellana, Mauro Canut, Toni Garrido, Víctor Escudero and Jose´Luis Uribarri. The hostess explains now the structure of this evening's show. She recommends us to have some coffee to stay awake!

A recap of the 6 entries already qualified for the final is shown.

1. El Secreto de Álex Por esta vez (poll result: 6.4%; 3rd)

El Secreto de Álex brings to the Spanish Eurovision stage an indie-pop song, quite nice to listen to and very well arranged both instrumentally and vocally. The leading vocalist of this band is already well known to the public thanks to her participation at Operación Triunfo. She looks quite pretty, with a white and flowery blouse. The overall impression is very positive, that's why they are running 3rd in our poll.

2. Beatriz ¿Dónde te metes? (poll result: 1.1%, 9th)

Beatriz claims that her entry is a country tune, and it certainly is. Very few Eurovision entries have been country songs, the most memorable of them, maybe, No no never by Texas Lightning of Germany. Beatriz is second last in our poll, and it is very unlikely that she will proceed to the final tonight. The song can be better, although her vocals suit the song quite well. The overall impression is a bit weak and the simple dance routine of the backing dancers do not favour the performance much.

3. Remembrances Espejismo (poll result: 1.1%; 8th)

The third act of the semifinal is a gothic tune, very unusual in the Spanish Eurovision musical scene. The vocals of the leading singer, although appropriate for this kind of musical style and even for more operatic registers, seem to be a little out of tune. The members of the group are all dressed in black, while the dancers wear white and vapourous outfits. The dance routine of the latters quite reminds of the Turkish dervishes. The overall impression is correct, but Remembrances are not very likely to qualify.

4. Biquini Una chica normal (poll result: 2.7%; 7th)

Una chica normal was initially allocated in the Indie music category. María, the leading singer, tries hard to hit the highest notes of the song, but sometimes she is unable to do so. Pity, because the song is catchy and with stronger vocals could do well tonight. The backing dancers seem to have been brought from the 1960s and give a curious overall impression. Let's wait and see.

5. Julia Bermejo Ya no estás (poll result: 4.8%; 5th)

Ya no estás is a soft and sweet ballad. Julia's vocals suit the song very well, giving a nice impression about her performance, which is simple and sober. So is Julia's outfit, completely black, which empowers the natural beauty of the singer. The final part of this love theme gets more intensity, and a rain of golden confetti puts an impressive end to the performance. Well done.

6. Solydo (poll result: 0.5%; 10th)

Solydo, a Catalan duo, brings an electronic theme to the stage of Eurovision 2009: El Retorno. In their presentation video, it is said that they have got some influences from a famous duo, OBK, well known for playing one of the best pieces of electronic music in Spain. The instrumentation of the song quite reminds of them, and it is quite good. We can't say the same about the vocals of the two boys, who can't hit several notes and are a bit out of tune. Obviously, we are not a piece of opera or symphonic-gothic music, where good vocals are really needed, but there must be some reasons to explain their low placing in our poll.

7. Mirela Nada es comparable a ti (poll result: 65.2%; 1st)

Mirela is no doubt the hot favourite in this semifinal. This is why she leads our poll with an overwhelming 65.2%. Nada es comparable a ti is a ballad, but not an ordinary one. The lyrics and music of this entry are quite original and quite far away from the typical love messages. The tune is soft and powerful at the same time, and Mirela proves that she is a great singer. The singer looks stunning, with an elegant white gown which combines very well with her dark hair. This is the third time Mirela bids for Eurovision. Will this be the lucky one? It seems that the battle will be between her, Soraya and Melody.

8. Isi Ahora no (poll result: 5.9%; 4th)

Ahora no, when it was selected to enter this year's Spanish selection process, was allocated in the 'Other' category. But this track is certainly a power pop song. Isi's vocals are very strong and they meet this musical style quite well. The beat of the song and Isi's performance somehow remind of one of the Monica Naranjo's themes. Isi could easily qualify tonight, she is placing 4th in our poll.

9. Santa FeSamba House (poll result: 8.6%; 2nd)

Santa Fe are also well known to the Spanish Eurovision fans since they have tried to represent the country several times. The song comprises several styles: latin, flamenco, pop, rhumba, rap… Should this entry win the whole selection process in Spain, no doubt it would bring some fresh air to Moscow (even more!). A mixture of styles which could rock the stage and impress the European audience. Our poll seems to support this, as they are running 2nd and could qualify for the final without problem.

10. DulceBésame (poll result: 3.7%; 7th)

Dulce, a young singer from the Canarian island of Lanzarote, brings a latin-pop entry to the Barcelona Eurovision stage. The tune is quite nice and, in case it's chosen, it would mean the Spanish return to latin-pop-Mediterranean style for Eurovision since David Civera in 2001. The tune also reminds of Sabrina's Dança comigo, that represented Portugal in 2007. Also because Dulce is wearing a white outfit, just like the Portuguese singer in Helsinki. The final of Bésame is quite strong, maybe the most outstanding element of the song.

Lines are now open to vote for your favourite semifinalist!

After the commercial break, Chipper, one of the finalists of the latest edition of Operación Triunfo, performs Hallelujah, another of the Israeli Eurovision winning entries.

Lines are now closed! The results of the 3rd semifinal will be announced shortly.

Jury results

  • Soldyo – 1 pt
  • Biquini – 2 pts
  • Remembrances- 3 pts
  • Beatriz – 4 pts
  • Dulce – 5 pts
  • Julia Bermejo – 6 pts
  • El Secreto de Alex – 7 pts
  • Mirela – 8 pts
  • Isi – 10 pts
  • Santa Fe – 12 pts

Televote results

  • Beatriz – 1 pt
  • Solydo- 2 pts
  • Dulce – 3 pts
  • Remembrances – 4 pts
  • Biquini – 5 pts
  • El Secreo de Alex – 6 pts
  • Isi – 7 pts
  • Julia Bermejo – 8 pts
  • Mirela – 10 pts
  • Santa Fe- 12 pts

Santa Fe, Mirela, Isi and Julia Bermejo qualify for the final! The second chance round has just been cancelled.

Carlos Baute is on stage performing Colgando en tus manos before the final stage starts.




1. La La Love YouDame un beso (poll result: 2.5%; 4th)

Just like in the first semifinal, La La Love You is the most 'indie' act . The beat is actually really catchy and original. The group is wearing the same pink clothes they wore two weeks ago. The group is running 4th in our poll, but they are not likely to win tonight.

2. Noelia CanoCruza los dedos (poll result: 2.1%; 5th)

Strong start for Noelia's song. The beat is quite catchy and it is in the line of the dance music. The chorus of the song is sung in English, while the rest of the track is in Spanish. The style of this entry fits Noelia's vocal quality, and her vocals seem to be quite more accurate than they were two weeks ago. It also helps that the sound problems have been sorted out. The overall impression in much better than in the first semifinal.

3. Jorge GonzálezSi yo vengo a enamorarte (poll result: 1.9%; 6th)

Jorge is already known to the public thanks to his participation in Operación Triunfo, just like Soraya. His song has a very powerful beginning and it is purely latin and Spanish. Jorge's looks clearly help creating a racial and effective outcome. Spain usually gets a good result in Eurovision when a modern latin song is chosen, just like in 2001 with David Civera. Jorge González's song seems to gather all the elements needed to bring Spain a good result.

4. VirginiaTrue love (poll result: 3.8%; 4th)

Virginia is singing a powerful ballad, which suits perfectly her voice. The track, that mixes Spanish and English, could easily be one of Mariah Carey's or Whitney Houston's hits. Virginia, even though she is unknown to the Spanish public, has nothing to envy those great divas. Virginia's appearance is sweet, and this time she has changed her white silken outfil for a sexy red gown. Virginia no doubt has become one of the big good surprises of Eurovision 2009: El Retorno.

5. Salva OrtegaLujuria (poll result: 0%; 12th)

Salva was supposed to compete at the second chance round, which has been cancelledand therefore the final has ben broadened to 12 contestants. Both the singer and the song remind of Sarbel's Yassou Maria, the Greek entry in 2007. Anyway, the performance is quite appealing, with Salva's vocals quite accurate and the backing dancers delivering an effective outcome. The song mixes latin influences with arabic elements. The result is impressive and could do well in Moscow, althugh our voters have not backed his candidature.

6. Gran BaobabDespedida de soltero (poll result: 11%; 9th)

The other nul-pointer in our latest Spanish poll is now on stage. The song is difficult to allocate in any category. The lyrics are quite strange, don't make much sense and the vocals of the leading singer are not what we would call powerful. We can safely say that Gran Baobab will not be the Spanish representative in Moscow. Not a risky statement, is it?

7. Santa FeSamba House (poll result: 1.7%; 10th)

Despite placing 2nd in our previous poll, Santa Fe have dropped down to 10th place out of 12 acts. Maybe the impression they gave minutes ago have let some people down. The point of this song is the variety of style it comprises, but maybe the song does not gather all the required elements to be welcomed in the whole of Europe.

8. MelodyAmante de la Luna (poll result: 11,8%; 3rd)

The winner of the first semifinal is one of the hot favourites to get the ticket to Moscow. Melody has had to change both the choreography and her backing dancers due to the departure of the Vivancos brothers. This is the most typical Spanish tune tonight and the performace delivered by Melody and her dancers is impressing. Should this song win, would a typical Spanish entry do well in Eurovision at last?

9. IsiAhora no (poll result: 1.5%; 10th)

Despite her good performance a while ago, Isi has not managed to gather more votes than in our previous poll. Anyway, her vocals remain flawless and the girl has enough energy left to deliver a great performance once again. This song has not enjoyed as much publicity as others competing tonight, maybe because it was wrongly allocated in the 'Otehrs' category in the beginning of the selection process. But should this win, it would be a good option for Spain to place high in Moscow.

10. SorayaLa noche es para mí (poll result: 50%; 1st)

Soraya once again tops our poll, and the reason is clear: She has been the hot favourite, along with Melody, to represent Spain since the very beginning of the competition. Soraya loks very sexy in that silvery outfit and she delivers a fresh and powerful performance, as it is usual in her. The beginning of the performance is explosive and the public cheers. Soraya's dominance of the stage is absolute and she shows her vocal power in every single note. It has been said that Soraya could be Spain's biggest chance of winning or at least reach a good placing this year in Moscow, and that could be true, according to this performance, which mixes a frenetic latin-arabic beat with some schlagerish elements as well. Soraya's professionalism is clear and the public rewards her performance with huge applause.

11. MirelaNada es comparable a ti (poll result: 23.5%; 2nd)

The favourite acts tonight are singing last in the Spanish final. Mirela once again looks wonderful and her vocals seem to be much more accurate than in her first performance. No doubt, she feels that this is a very important moment in her career because she might be the next Spanish representative and fulfill her dream. Judging by the result on our poll, the aim could be reachable for her. Mirela has slightly changed her appearance from her first performance: wavy hair and a different kind of gown. Memorable performance.

12. Julia BermejoYa no estás (poll result: 1.5%; 7th)

Julia's performance of Ya no estás is as sweet and delicade as it was before. And we could dare to say that her vocals, quite accurate in the first part of the show, now sound flawless. It is clear that Julia has one of the best voices of the whole Spanish selection process this year. The performance is certainly charming, although it is still unclear wether it would do well or not in Eurovision, since it seems this is the year of the ballads.

The performances are over for tonight. After the commercial break, we expect the results to come out soon. Before they are announced, the band Nancys Rubias (whose leading singer is Alaska's husband, Mario Vaquerizo) will perform their particular version of Diva.

Lines are closed. The Spanish rpresentative wil be known shortly

Jury results

  • Noelia Cano – 1 pt
  • Julia Bermejo – 2 pts
  • Jorge Gonzalez – 3 pts
  • La La Love You – 4 pts
  • Virginia – 5 pts
  • Mirela – 6 pts
  • Isi – 7 pts
  • Santa Fe – 8 pts
  • Soraya – 10 pts
  • Melody – 12 pts
Televote results
  • Jorge González – 1 pt
  • Julia Bermejo-2 pts
  • Salva Ortega – 3 pts
  • Isi – 4 pts
  • La La Love You – 5 pts
  • Virginia – 6 pts
  • Mirela – 7 pts
  • Santa Fe – 8 pts
  • Melody – 10 pts
  • Soraya – 12 pts

Spain has decided! SORAYA TO MOSCOW!

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