Live: 'Last chance' round in Norway

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The 'last chance' round of the Norwegian national selection for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest is about to be held. Eight acts will compete for the last two spots in the national final next week.

Webcast links are provided above by NRK and will be available just before showtime.

Part 1 here.

Part 2 here.


  1. KeSeraParty (Robin Nordahl, Thomas Ewel/KeSera)
    Espen HanaTwo of a kind (Trond Andreassen/Trond Andreassen, Christian Bloom)
  2. Jani Santillan(Like you did) yesterday (Jani Santillan)
    SurferosaU look good (Surferosa, Lars-Erik Westby/Mariann Thomassen)
  3. SunnyCarrie (Solgunn Ivana, Hans Petter Aaserud)
    PublinersTe stein (Bertil Bertelsen/Olav Nygaard, Morten Horn, Ronny Bertelsen)
  4. FoxyDo it again (Hanne Sørvaag, Harry Sommerdahl)
    Jane HelenShuffled (Jane Helen)


The show has started.

1. KeSeraParty

Current poll result: 9.1% (6th)

KeSera have qualified for this show as a wildcard. Despite slightly different outfits the performance is similar to the one in the first semi final. The vocals are strong and the overall impression is very energetic and entertaining, although the songs gets a bit monotone after a while. Generally avery modern entry that could do well in the Eurovision Song Contest.

2.Espen HanaTwo of a kind

Current poll result: 6.3% (7th)

This song could not be more different from the first one. Espen Hana performs a nostalgic ballad with a slight Frank Sinatra feeling. The vocals are strong and the laid-back tune is a nice variety in a Scandinavian national final. However, it is hard to believe that it is outstanding enough to do well in the Eurovision Song Contest.

RESULT: Espen Hana to the next round.

1. Jani Santillan(Like you did) yesterday

Current poll result: 12.6% (4th)

Jani is the youngest composer in the competition. Again, she is wearing a rather strange outfit while accompanying herself on the piano. The performance is emotional and vocally flawless, the song is a strong ballad, even if it might be too American for the Eurovision Song Contest.

2. SurferosaU look good

Current poll result: 24.5% (1st)

Surferosa, who opened the first semi final, perform a very strong and catchy pop song that is well received by the audience. Lead singer Mariann Thomassen has chosen another unusual but more suitable outfit tonight and the overall performance and vocal performance suit the song very well and could hardly be improved.

RESULTS: Surferosa to the next round.

1. SunnyCarrie

Current poll result: 20.1% (2nd)

Sunny repeats her sex kitten performance from the third semi final very similar to the style of Katy Perry. The song is catchy and the vocals are strong. However, it is not sure if this would be very successul in the Eurovision Song Contest as itmight be too muchof a stage song.

2. PublinersTe stein

Current poll result: 13.2% (2nd)

Folk rock tunes from the group Publiners. The performance is the same as in the first semi final with much fire on stage. The vocals are strong and the general style is definitely interesting, but the melody might not be memorable enough for a high place in the national final or even the Eurovision Song Contest.

RESULTS: Publiners to the next round.

1. FoxyDo it again

Current poll result: 9.7% (5th)

Amodern girl group tune is presented by Foxy. The choreography is not bad, but it may need much improvement to make it memorable, despite some shadow wall effects and dancers rolling on the floor. The vocals are strong at the beginning, but the singers run out of breath towards the end. Generally, this entry might lose to the other Hanne Sørvaag composition in the contest, Tricky by Velvet, who qualified in the first semi final.

2. Jane HelenShuffled

Current poll result: 4.2% (8th)

This rock song might be one of the most interesting entries tonight. The melody is strong and so are the vocals, however it cannot be seen as sure that this would appeal to the general Eurovision voter. However, it could wel enrich the line-up of the national final next Saturday.

RESULTS: Jane Helen to the next round.

The second round will be held in the second part of the show starting at 21:15 CET. Don't forget that you will have to switch the webcast link!

The second part of the show has started.

Pair one: Espen Hana vs. Surferosa

Pair two: Publiners vs. Jane Helen

RESULTS: Espen Hana and Publiners to the final.

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