OGAE Poll 2016: Voting next is FYR Macedonia

by Jessica Weaver 3,576 views

Here at ESCToday, in collaboration with OGAE International, we will be bringing you the results of the annual fan club poll for the eighth year running, in which members from each OGAE club will vote for their favourite entries from each of the competing 2016 Eurovision Song Contest countries. FYR Macedonia is next to vote.

OGAE Macedonia is next to vote in the OGAE International Poll 2016, giving their 12 points to Croatia’s Nina Kraljić, their first in this year’s poll.

See the full top 10 entries as voted for by OGAE Macedonia.

OGAE Macedonia

  • 12 points go to… Croatia
  • 10 points go to… Russia
  • 8 points go to… Bulgaria
  • 7 points go to… Serbia
  • 6 points go to… France
  • 5 points go to… Australia
  • 4 points go to… Latvia
  • 3 points go to… Italy
  • 2 points go to… Ukraine
  • 1 point goes to… Azerbaijan

OGAE International will publish the results of this year’s poll via their official website including a full ranking of the competing entries.