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ESCToday in collaboration with the City of Stockholm will be bringing you a series of articles leading up to the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in order to showcase and introduce the 2016 Eurovision host city Stockholm to our readers. Today we will have a look at the magnificent Royal Palace in Stockholm with its royal splendour and historical grandeur.

Stockholm’s Royal Palace- (photo credit: Henrik Trygg)

Stockholm’s Royal Palace is amongst the cities most visited sights attracting both local and foreign visitos . The official residence of the Swedish Royal family, will be the backdrop for this year’s Euroclub which will be located on the waterfront just outside the palace. Yes we will be grooving and dancing away to Eurovision tunes just outside the palace! We couldn’t ask for a more regal way to celebrate Eurovision!

The waterfront wharf where the Euroclub will be located outside the Royal Palace (Photo credit: Henrik Trygg)

Stockholm’s Royal Palace is located on Gamla Stan island and easily accessible. You will be mesmerised with the splendour and grandeur of the palace. This was one of the sights I thoroughly enjoyed the during my research trip to Stockholm. It is one of the top 10 attractions the city has to offer!

Sanjay (Sergio) with the backdrop of Stockholm’s Royal Palace and the wharf where the Euroclub will be located

Sweden has one of the oldest monarchies in the world, the country has had a king for more than 1,000 years. King Carl XVI Gustaf is the current ruling monarch of Sweden and enjoys great popularity among Swedes.

The Baroque style palace was mainly built during the 18th century on the site of the ancient Tre Kronor Castle. With more than 600 rooms it’s one of the world’s largest inhabited palaces.

The Royal Palace aka Kungsliga Slottet is among the largest palaces in the continent, offering a total of at least 5 museums : The Royal Armoury, Gustav III’s Antique Museum, The Royal Apartments, The Royal Chapel, The Royal Treasury and the Tre Kronor Museum.

The Royal Treasury

The Treasury is one of the main hightlights of the Royal Palace. Here you will be able to admire the Swedish Royal family’s dazzling regalia. The Treasury is located in the dark cellar vaults under the Palace.

Some of the most important symbols of the Swedish monarchy are housed here : Gustav Vasa’s Sword of State, Lovisa Ulrika’s Crown and Erik XIV´s Crown, Sceptre and Orb. You can also see many of the The Princes and Princesses‘ crowns here.

You will be truly fascinated with the glitz, glory and history of the Swedish monarchy when you visit the Treasury.

The Royal Apartments

The Royal Apartments will captivate you with their splendid exquisite decor and extraordinary furnishings. The main highlights at the Royal Apartments include: The Hall of State, The Bernadotte Apartments, The State Apartments, The Guest Apartments and the Apartments of the Order of Chivalry.4


There is lots to see when you visit the Royal Apartments, so give yourself at least 2 hours. You will be taken a back with the beauty and grandeur of this royal dwelling. The Royal Apartments in the Royal Palace are used by the Kings and Queens for state receptions and ceremonies.

The Royal Apartments
The Royal Apartments (Photo credit: Michalis Vranis)

The Banquet Hall is used at gala dinners, cabinet meetings, and parliamentary evenings. The Guest Apartments are used a guest residence for foreign dignitaries on official state visits. The Bernadotte Rooms are used at medal presentations and formal audiences.


The Royal Apartments- The Banquet Hall
The Royal Apartments (Photo credit: Michalis Vranis)

The Royal Apartments (Photo credit: Michalis Vranis) When visiting the Royal Apartments you should not miss the following highlights: Gustav III’s State bedchamber, Oskar II’s writing room, King Carl Gustaf’s Jubilee Room, The State Hall with Queen Kristina’s Silver throne, Karl XI’s Gallery and the collection of regal orders at the  Apartments of the Orders of Chivalry.

The State Hall with Queen Kristina's Silver Throne
Queen Kristina’s Silver Throne at the State Hall (photo credit: Michalis Vranis)

The Royal Armoury

The Royal Armoury houses a grand collection of Royal costumes ,carriages, armour, weapons and artefacts. It is very impressive as it gives you a glimpse of the Swedish royal history and heritage. You can admire some of the most spectacular attire and dresses worn by the Royals centuries ago. You will be mesmerised by the splendour of the carriages found in this museum.


The entrance to this museum is free and it located within the Royal Palace. You must not miss this attraction as it is both very enriching and enjoyable!

An introduction to the Armoury video

Gustav III’s Antique Museum

Gustav III’s Antique Museum dates back to 1794 and is among the oldest museums in the world.King Gustav III was very interested in arts and antiquities and he collected a large number of artefacts and sculptures. After his death his collection was exhibited in his honour.

Today the exhibition is displayed in the palace’s north western wing and consists of 2 stone galleries with more than 200 sculptures. The museum is open during the summer.

The Tre Kronor Museum

The Three Crown Museum portrays the palace’s long history and is dedicated to the Tre Kronor Palace which was located on this spot, and was destroyed by fire in 1697. The museum features the history of the palace dating back to the Viking era and depicting its transformation from a defence fortification to today’s Renaissance palace.

You should not miss the Royal Apartments, Treasury and Armoury when visiting the Royal Palace. Another thing that should not be missed is the Change of Guard ceremony that takes place every day.

The Royal Palace is one of the main attractions in Stockholm and you must not miss it when you visit the Swedish capital.

So get yourself ready we’re off to meet the Royals and enjoy Stockholm in a truly regal way!


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