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ESCToday in collaboration with the City of Stockholm will be bringing you a series of articles leading up to the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in order to showcase and introduce the 2016 Eurovision host city Stockholm to our readers. Today we will have a look at none other than the most famous landmarks in Stockholm and Sweden, The City Hall.

The City Hall’s tower overlooking Stockholm with the Three Crowns (photo credit: Henrik Trygg)

The City Hall of Stockholm is one of the iconic buildings in the Swedish capital, looming out in the skyline with its magnificent architecture and spire featuring the celebrated golden Three Crowns.  It is one of the city’s most popular and famous landmarks.

Sergio sightseeing Stockholm with the City Hall at the backdrop
Sergio on his way to the City Hall

Stockholm’s City Hall is aptly located on the tip of Kungsholmen island with some of the most extraordinary and dazzling views of the city, overlooking Lake Mälaren .

Magnificent view of Stockholm from the City Hall’s waterfront terrace (Photot credit: Sergio Jiandani)

Yes the City Hall is the venue to none other than the Nobel Prize Banquet. It has also played host to the Melodifestivalen welcome parties in recent years. This grandiose and majestic venue will welcome the 43 delegations along with their respective artists on 8 May when the Welcome Reception/Opening Ceremony of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest will be held.

The Nobel Prize_Photo_Jeppe Wikstrom_High-res
The Nobel Prize Banquet at the Blue Hall ( photo credit :Jeppe Wikstrom)

The 2016 Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Final Allocation Draw and the official Insignia Handover Ceremony was held at the City Hall’s Golden Hall on 25 January.

I must say if you come to Stockholm, this is one place you should not miss during your visit as it is both impressive and extraordinary. I was spellbound with its exquisite furnishings, art and décor.

It was such an amazing experience visiting the place where Nobel Lauterates, Kings and Queens, Princes and Princesses dine, wine and dance! You get to taste the real essence of Sweden’s regal splendor here!

You will be mesmerized by the beauty and grandeur of the Blue Hall -Banquet Hall (Bla Hallen) and the Golden Hall (Gyllene Salen) when you visit this dwelling.

Sergio at the Golden Hall, in the City Hall
Sergio at the Golden Hall (Gylline Salen)

The Nobel Banquet is held every year at the magnificent Blue Hall. After dining the Nobel Prize Lauterates, royalty and guests get a chance to dance and party at the famous Golden Hall.

The Golden Hall was for me one of the most beautiful parts of the City Hall with its 18 million gold mosaic tiles depicting history and culture. You will be truly amazed by the splendor and glory of the various halls and rooms in the building.

The mosaic of the Goddess holding Stockholm in her lap and flanked between the west and the east (photo credit: Sergio Jiandani)

During the Eurovision Song Contest the Blue Hall will house the Opening Ceremony/Welcome Reception welcoming the 43 delegations and competing acts. Hereafter the guests will be ushered into the Golden Hall where they will be able to mix and mingle with each another and will be treated to some of the most delicious Swedish desserts! Shhhh.. that’s a secret… I let the cat out of the bag…..

The majestic Golden Hall (Photo credit: Yanan Li/

The interior courtyard and the exterior waterfront courtyard are an ideal place to take a picture. Some of the city’s best views can be admired from here.

The exterior courtyard at the City Hall, visitors enjoying the sun (photo credit: Sergio Jiandani)

The City Hall is often referred to as the living symbol of the Swedish capital. A magnificent and regal piece of architecture indeed!

Stadshuset och Stockholm Waterfront Building från Södermalm.
The City Hall and the Waterfront Building view from Södermalm (photo credit: Erik G. Svensson/

Stockholm’s City Hall was founded in 1923 and designed by Ragnar Ostberg. Its iconic 106 meter tower sprouts out into the city’s skyline and can be admired from far and away.

It is a multi-purpose venue housing many offices and serves as a work area for the city’s institutions, administrative organizations, politicians and officials. The grand Banqueting Hall is used to hold receptions, events and ceremonies. Political debates are held in the majestic Assembly Room.

assembly hall
The Assembly Hall at the City Hall (photo credit: Michalis Vranis)

You can even get married in the City Hall!  Make you sure you apply and sign up if you wanna tie the knot here!

The rooms and halls in the City Hall are exquistely decorated and ornated showcasing some of the world’s most extraordinary and unique architecture, decor and art. You can admire the chandelliers, tapestries, mosaics, engravings, sculptures and paintings.

One of the many magnificent rooms in the City Hall (photo credit: Michalis Vranis)

This distinctive landmark is also one of Stockholm’s most celebrated and visited attractions,  attracting thousands of tourists every year. Remember that the City Hall can only be visited with a guided tour. Tours are available in English and Swedish. The tours are available for individual visitors without pre-booking, but if you are more than 10 people, it is highly recommended to book in advance. You cannot book online.

The Tour

A tour of the City Hall will take you through the main halls, namely the Blue Hall and the Golden Hall, where the Nobel festivities are held. During the tour you will learn more about the different aspects of the City Hall: the historical background, the architecture, the importance of politics, the many events and banquets that are held here, the Nobel Banquet etc. A guide will make sure to show you the different facets of this fascinating Swedish landmark.

tour in golden hall
A group of students taking a guided tour of the City Hall (photo credit: Sergio Jiandani)

The City Hall’s tower is open to the public in the summer. An elevator goes half way up to the tower, where there is a museum. You can get a glimpse of some of the most fascinating views of the Swedish capital from the tower!

So get your map out and let’s explore Stockholm! A visit to the City Hall, venue of the 2016 Eurovision Opening Ceremony is a must when you hit the town for Eurovision!


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