Azerbaijan to host Eurovision Dance Contest 2009

by Cole Lewis 97 views

The first two Eurovision Dance Contests were broadcast live to Europe from the United Kingdom, London in 2007 and Glasgow in 2008. It was earlier announced that the United Kingdom would not host the 2009 contest, and today it was announced that Azerbaijan will host the third Contest.

The 2009 Eurovision Dance Contest will be held in the Heydar Aliev Sports and Concert Complex, in Baku Azerbaijan. The country which became a member of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) in November 2007, just over one year ago, Azerbaijan, has today been announced as the 2009 Eurovision Dance Contest. Azerbaijan became a full member of the EBU on the 26th November 2007 and debuted in the Eurovision Song Contest and Junior Eurovision Song Contest, last year. This will be the first Eurovision Dance Contest which has not been held in the United Kingdom, as the two previous contests have been hosted by the BBC.

The Eurovision Dance Contest does not have the same rules as its big brother the Eurovision Song Contest, with regards to the host country, as the Song Contest rules state that the winning country has first refusal to host the following contest. The Dance contest had the same rules as the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, where a country must apply to host the contest.

Bjørn Erichsen, Director of Eurovision TV has stated "The EBU is very pleased with the level of commitment, professionalism and high spirit expressed by Ictimai, the Azerbaijani Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Azerbaijani DanceSport Federation in the negotiations following Ictimai's bid to become host broadcaster" and continued to say "We truly look forward to this production by one of the EBU's newest Members."

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