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Next in our series of interviews with the Cypriot finalists comes Gore Melian, a twenty two year old songwriter, lyricist and singer from Yerevan who lives and works in Cyprus. Gore spoke to us about I wanna thank you, his bid to represent Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest, an emotional RnB song about a broken heart and shattered dreams he will be performing himself.

Although very young, Gore Melian has already taken part in many competitions for young talent in Cyprus and abroad and he has performed extensively in many concerts and charity events all over Cyprus and abroad.

I wanna thank you, your song in the 2009 Cypriot final for the Eurovision Song Contest. Can you tell us a bit more about it? What style is it? Was it composed especially for the contest?

This song is an emotional RnB. Emotional because i wrote it to let out feelings and thoughts which existed in the past. It is a reflection of a broken heart and shattered love. I did not compose my song especially for the Eurovision Song Contest, it was a last minute decision to send it.

Who is going to perform the song?

I will be performing this song.

Have you taken into account the recent changes in the voting system of the contest (that is the introduction of the jury vote in the final at a 50/50 split) when composing the song? Do you think there will be a difference in the outcome based on the different voting system?

As I said before I did not compose this song thinking of Eurovision & rules. However, considering the new voting system I guess the best song will end up winning because in addition to the public voting we now have a professional jury.

Have you been following the Eurovision Song Contest? What do you feel it takes to do well or even win it?
Of course I have been following the Eurovision for the past years. I enjoy the show. I believe it takes talent, confidence, good stage performance, hard work and obviously a good song to win.

Which are your favourite Cypriot and international entries so far?

The songs that come straight to my mind are: Believe – Dima Bilan, Qele qele – Sirusho, Lisa Andreas- Stronger every minute, My number one– Elena Paparizou, Secret combination – Kalomoira, Yassou Maria – Sarbel.

Do you have a message for the readers of

My message to all the readers is "Enjoy the song contest and don't get influenced by others. Choose the song that you really feel is the best. Have a good time!"

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