Katalina Rusu's Sparky lady in the Moldovan final

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Katalina Rusu is one of the 20 Moldavian finalists. She gives her first interview toesctoday.com talking about everything about her song, her stage performance and about Eurovision. The song is calledSparky lady and it's an RnB song. This is Katalina's first time in a national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest and the song Sparky lady wasn't composed for this purpose. It was rather the outcome of the artist's quest for a new image. She is now looking for her backing vocals and she is preparing her choreography for the song. She will be accompanied by four professional dancers hoping a good result for her song.

First of all tell us something about you.

I was 12 years old when I started to sing on the so called "big stage". I'm from Chisinau, now I am a student at the Academy of Music, Theatre and Arts and also at the Academy of Economics. I graduated from the School for photo-models and actors for advertising.

Is it your first time in the Moldavian Eurovision national final?

It is my first try and I am really glad that I made it to the final. Actually, my song (Sparky Lady) wasn't written especially for Eurovision. I wanted to change my image after my experience in Latvia, in TV project Hello Jurmala. I won there the prize "The sparkly singer", that's why I decided to continue this image.

Tell us something about your song Sparky lady.

Sparky Lady is a special character. It is special, because I can find myself in her. It represents me, my actual image and if you want to know something about my private life, just read the lyrics!

How are you planning to present your song?

I can't talk about backing vocals, because I'm looking for them. But, I can tell you that I have four good dancers. They are helping me to do my best in the choreography of this song. It's not hard for me, because I have spent many years doing choreography. I wouldn't tell you and convince you now that my song is good, catchy or it has that special touch… I will try to do my best to have the best show and to demonstrate that this song can represent my country at the Eurovision in Moscow.

It's an RnB song, do you think it fits the Eurovision style?

You know, the experience of last three years in Eurovision Song Contest can demonstrate clearly that there is no such thing as a formula to win. It depends on the show, the artist's energy or charisma on the stage.

Which of the other Moldavian finalist songs do you consider a favourite this year? beside yours!

I appreciate every song, because it is someone's work. Good work, if these songs succeed! I can't tell you some names, but some of the songs in the competition are pretty good!

Which are the elements that make a song win either in a national selection or the Eurovision itself?

I guess the show is the most important element in the Eurovision Song Contest. You can have good voice, you can have many years of experience in showbiz, but if you don't have that special show, you can't make that impact on the public.

Do you have a message for the esctoday.com readers?

I hope they make the right choice, when the big day of the contest comes.

Below, you can listen to Katalina's song Sparky lady.

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