Hungary: Vote in ESCToday’s A Dal 2016 Chart

by Gil Laufer 170 views

As the Hungarian national final A Dal will kick off this weekend, we will try to check who are the hot favorites to represent Hungary in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest using the ESCToday Chart – and you can help us to find out!

The ESCToday Chart will show the popularity of the entries and artists while taking various factors and calculations in mind, one of them is your opinion! All you have to do is to vote for your favorites in the following poll. You can vote for up to five songs in order to support them.

If you need to listen to the songs one more time, or haven’t listened to them at all yet, you can find all 30 participating entries on A Dal’s official website here.

The results of ESCToday’s A Dal Chart will be announced shortly before A Dal 2016 will kick off on Saturday.

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