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The eighth semi final of Euro Showbox the Maltese national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow, is about to take place. Another seven acts will compete to be one of the 20 acts who are going to reach in the national final, also the qualifiers for the national final will be revealed in the show.

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Composer/Lyricist in brackets.

  1. Natasha & CharleneKing (Charlene Grech/John A. Agius)
  2. Annabelle DebonoArmy of lovers (Sean Vella/Gerard J. Borg)
  3. J. AnvilLove me or leave me (Trevor Fenech/Claudia Faniello)
  4. Christina BarbaraLife is an opera (Rita Pace)
  5. KlinsmannButterfly sky (Klinsmann Coleiro/Joe Julian Farrugia)
  6. The Elements Ha hi hu (Carm Fenech)
  7. Wayne MicallefWhere you belong (Wayne Micallef/Luke Ambrogio)


The show will start at 21:15 CET.

And the show is on! In about an hour and a half we will know the 20 acts to qualify to the Maltese final. Morena is a special guest tonight and she will erform her 2008 entry Vodka.

1. Natasha & Charlene – King (Charlene Grech/John A. Agius

Natasha & Charlene have already taken part in the Maltese selections in 1999, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 as well as in the Bulgarian semi final in 2007. This is their second song this year following the entry Alchemy in the fourth semi final, which was also composed by Charlene.

This is an interesting entry, rhythmic and catchy if slightly old fashioned. The girls are experienced and confident and vocally correct. The overall effect is entertaining.

2. Annabelle Debono – Army of lovers (Sean Vella/Gerard J. Borg)

Annabelle Debono has already taken part in the Maltese selections in 2006 and 2007, finishing 14th in 2006 and being eliminated in the semi final in 2007. Furthermore, she was a backing singer for Morena in Belgrade last year. The lyrics were written by Gerard J. Borg, who also wrote the lyrics to the Maltese entries in 2000, 2002, 2004, 2007 and 2008.

For one the song is not a ballad! Dressed in a tiny black dress and high leather boots Annabelle has fun on stage with this uptempo, pop song. She is a good performer but the music in the background creates a messy effect.

3. J. Anvil – Love me or leave me (Trevor Fenech/Claudia Faniello)

J. Anvil previously took part in 2005 and 2006 finishing third and fourth respectively. This is his second entry this year following Choose your number in the fifth heat. The lyrics were written by frequent MSFE contestant Claudia Faniello.

Change of tempo but still not a bona fide ballad of which we have enjoyed an abundance of lately. A tender, happy love song from J. Anvil with a memorable chorus. The singer is dressed casually in jeans and he certainly seems to enjoy it. Some times off vocally but after all this is a live show!

4. Christina Barbara – Life is an opera (Rita Pace)

This is the second entry by Christina Barbara this year, as she already performed the song Visions of you last week. Tonight's entry was written by Rita Pace, who is a frequent contributor to MSFE songs, mostly as a lyricist.

No doubt Christina is one of the best vocalists of the entire selection. The song is another operatic ballad, imposing and touching. The singer stands alone on stage, the backing vocalists ivnisible but still the outcome is moving. A perfectly performed act!

5. Klinsmann – Butterfly sky (Klinsmann Coleiro/Joe Julian Farrugia)

This is the third year in a row that Klinsmann takes part and he has so far finished third and seventh. It is his second entry in this year's selection as he has already performed Rock & rise in the first semi final.

A very happy song from Klinsmann and you catch yourself moving to the rhythm. It reminds of days past with teenagers dancing rock n' roll, girls twirling in colourful skirts and bubblegum and he gives it his best shot. Alone with his guitar, Klinsmann is once more delivering a good performance.

6. The Elements – Ha hi hu (Carm Fenech)

Nope, we are not back in the Icelandic final of 2008, nor Latvia and its Pirates. but back to the eighties. Four artists on stage now, two male, two female, perform another cheery, uptempo song but somehow their voices fail to blend thus not managing to achieve the desire effect. The crowd seems happy enough though.

7. Wayne Micallef – Where you belong (Wayne Micallef/Luke Ambrogio)

Wayne Micallef returns to the Maltese selection having already finished 14th in 2003 and 21st in 2005 as part of the group The Mics.

Wayne stands alone and delivers the last song for tonight which is yet another ballad. A sweet love song but nothing to write home about. He is vocally correct but the song just doesn't manage to sweep us off our feet nor sticks to mind.

A flash back now as the Maltese pay tribute to Charles Camilleri, composer of the L-imhabba from 1972. Charles Camilleri passed away at the age of 77 on 3rd January.

The time for the announcement of the twenty finalists has arrived. The envelopes will be drawn one by one thus determining the running order as well. The twenty qualifiers are:

  1. Ha Hi Hu – The Elements
  2. Kamikaze lover – Baklava
  3. Choose your number – J. Anvil
  4. Where you belong – Wayne Micallef
  5. Tonight at the opera – Classic Rebels
  6. Promises – Vittorio & Dorothy – (Chan Vella, Alexia Schembri)
  7. What if we – Chiara – (Marc Paelinck, Gregory Bilsen)
  8. One million ways – Rosman Pace – (Rosman Pace, Rosman Pace)
  9. Before you walk away – Q – (Paul Giordimaina, Fleur Balzan)
  10. Let it shine – Kylie Coleiro – Andrew Zahra, Joe Julian Farrugia)
  11. Where was I? – Jamie Tonna – (Jason Paul Cassar, Mario J. Farrugia)
  12. Life is an opera – Christine Barbara – (Rita Pace, Rita Pace)
  13. Someday – Eleanor Cassar – (Paul Giordimaina, Fleur Balzan)
  14. Crossroads – Raquela – (Philip Vella, Gerard J. Borg)
  15. Mama– Miriam Christine – (Miriam Christine Warner, Miriam Christine Warner)
  16. Avalon – Georgina & Ruth Casingena – (Paul Abela, Joe Julian Farrugia)
  17. Typical me – Alison Ellul – (Philip Vella, Gerard J. Borg)
  18. The song in your heart – Trilogy – (Paul Abela, Joe Julian Farrugia)
  19. Blue sonata – Claudia Faniello – (Ray Agius, Ray Agius)
  20. Butterfly sky – Klinsmann – (Klinsmann Coleiro, Joe Julian Farrugia)

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