Replay: Fifth semi final in Malta

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The fifth semi final of Malta Song for Europe 2009, the Maltese selection for the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow, is about to take place. Another seven acts will compete to be one of the 20 acts which are going to reach in the national final.


  1. Miriam ChristineMama(Miriam Christine Warner)
  2. Baklava Kamikaze lover -(Philip Vella/Gerard J. Borg)
  3. Ruth PortelliBlame it on your heart (Ralph Siegel/Bernd Meinunger as 'John O'Flynn')
  4. J. AnvilChoose your number (Augusto Cardinali/Giovann Attard)
  5. Corazon MizziAnother side of me (Philip Vella)
  6. Rebecca BonniciCarry me (Renato Briffa/Rita Pace)
  7. Justine ft. SiconixRhythm of the night (Renato Briffa/Doris Chetcuti)


The show has started!

1. Miriam ChristineMama

Miriam Christine represented Malta in the 1996 Eurovision Song Contest in Oslo, where she finished 10th with I a woman's heart. She also took part in the Maltese finals in 1995 and 1998. This time, she has also written her entry.

Mama isone of the more catchyballads in Euro Showbox sofar. Unlike most of the "newcomers", Miriam seems to feel at ease on stage and she delivers a confident performance of the song. The vocals got slightly lost at the beginning but grow with the song. Generally one of the more professional entries so far.

2. Baklava Kamikaze lover

One of the members of Baklava is Joseph Chetcuti, who was backing Olivia Lewis in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki. Gerard James Borg and Philip Vella have already written five Maltese entries in the Eurovision Song Contest (2000, 2002, 2004, 2007 & 2008).

Two cellists and a violonist perform the song. The song is definitely different, focusing mostly on the instrumental parts. The few vocal parts are performed by the violinist in a very aggressive way while he seems to try to look like Constantinos Christoforou representing Cyprus in Kyiv.

3. Ruth PortelliBlame it on your heart

Ralph Siegel keeps the record for having composed the most entries in the Eurovision Song Contest – no less than 18. Bernd Meinunger keeps the record as most frequent lyricist with 17 participations. They have taken part previously in MSFE and Siegel also produced (but did not write) the 2004 entry On again… off again and this is their second song in MSFE 2008.

Ruth Portelli has already presented a Siegel/Meinunger collaboration last week. The entries are very similar (both even have the word "heart" in the title!), although this one is a bit faster.Ruth's vocals are weaker than last week andshe seems to have problems with thehigh notes.

4.J. AnvilChoose your number

J. Anvil has already taken part in MSFE in 2005 and 2006 finishing third and fourth respectively. Tonight, he presents a classic musical/cabaret song that could easily be performed by Count von Count on Sesame Street with all that counting in the lyrics! His vocals are rather strong but he is totally overacting on stage, maybe because the style of the song demands it (however, not every demand has to be followed).

Please note that the song Sway was already composed in 1953 and is hence not eligible to represent Malta in the Eurovision Song Contest.

5. Corazon MizziAnother side of me

The singer is alone on stage while performing her ballad. She is accompanying herself on the keyboard which makes her look more like a wedding singer than a festival contestant. However, the vocal performance is quite strong (especially at the beginning) and she performs the entry in a very emotional and authentic way.

6. Rebecca BonniciCarry me

There is some customary oooh… aaahhh… at the beginning of this very simple 1990s pop song. Despite the linear structure, the singer seems to have some problems with the vocals. She tries to entertain the audience but the whole actis probably not spectacular enough to make the spark light a fire. If her demand to be carried to the final will be followed anyway?

7.Justine ft. SiconixRhythm of the night

This is an entry in a style you usually have to expect in the Bulgarian heats and quarter finals. Justine performs a classic pop song at the beginning before rapper Siconix joins her. Both look confident on stage and they obviously enjoy the performance. While this is interesting and different, the song seems to be going nowhere and the whole act seems a bit out-of-place on stage. An entry that might have some hidden potential but probably needs more work than can be done to do well in this selection.

No results will be revealed tonight.

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