France : Natasha St-Pier talks about her self-doubts

by Dominique Dufaut 79 views

The new CD of Natasha St-Pier will be available in French stores tomorrow, November 17. This is the 6th album of the lady. She took a two-years break and told the reasons why in the latest edition of monthly magazine Platine.

"I asked myself a lot of questions after the previous CD was released, back in 2006," Natasha says. "I didn’t know whether I’d like to live in France or not, or even if I would feel good going on with music. I took part in the TV show Vis Ma vie (someone famous lives the life of someone else, for one day) and I realised that I’d rather be a nurse, maybe." Natasha also tells that she intended not to work with the same persons, to have a change. Pascal Obispo finally changed her mind, but the man is not as present as before in the new CD.

When Natasha was asked whether she is worried whether he new CD will have the samesuccess as her previous one which topped the charts, she said confidently : "I am not stressed at all. I know that we have more competition this year, with other long-awaited albums out on the same day." Natasha is presently to be seen a lot on television, as she’s on promotion. But she looks forward to meeting her public soon. She’d like to tour French festivals next Summer.The first single to be promoted from the new album is Embrasse-moi (kiss me).

Natasha St-Pïer represented France in the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, 7 years ago, with Je n’ai que mon âme and reached 4th place with 142 points.

Embrasse moi

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