Belgium: Katerine to release second album

by Marcus Klier 78 views

Katerine Avgoustakis, who took part in the Belgian national finals in 2002 and 2006, is about to release her second alubum. On Saturday 6th December she will present the album at Versuz discotheque in Hasselt. The singer states that the album will be very much dance, with poppy tunes and influences from the 90s.

Katerine has achieved some chart success after she changed the record label and scored the #3 hit Shut up your mouth. During an exclusive interview with partner website, she explained that she has released four singles in less than six moths to promote the upcoming album. A release date has not been set yet.

Furthermore, the singer states during the same interview that she is dreaming of an international break-through. In Australia, the Netherlands and Canada she can currently be found at the top of some dance charts with the song Ultrasonic. The half Greek and half Flemish singer is also still interested in taking part in the Eurovision Song Contest – but not for Belgium: "Well, Flanders and the Eurovision Song Contest don't really fit together anymore, so this time I choose Greece, where the Eurovision Song Contest is still enormously popular and important."

  • You can read the complete interview on belgovision.comhere.

Katerine finished sixth out of seven in the first semi final of Eurosong 2006 with Watch me move. In 2002, she had already been part of the group Indiana that finished shared fourth in the fourth semi final.

Shut your mouth videoclip: