Kate Ryan wins World Music Award

by Marcus Klier 225 views

Like in many countries, French media focusseda lot on the American elections last week. The very serious LCP � La Chaîne Parlementaire, a channel specialized into the House of representatives, – organized debates around America and one of them featured Jeane Manson, 1979�s Luxembourg representative !

The lady was invited as an American-born living in France and gave her own opinion on the Obama phenomenom. You can watch the debate (all in French) on the following link : http://fr.youtube.com/watch?v=W5Ph9Gc9rM0On Monday November 3, the singer took part at a big official gathering, to support Obama. There, together with 40 gospel singers, she gave a small concert (http://www.dailymotion.com/relevance/search/obama%2Bmanson/video/x7c60i_arash-derambarsh-reunion-officielle_news wait until 2’10”).Since 1975 – when she first arrived in France, Jeane Manson has developped a career made of many influences and many projects. She’s presently touring the country with a gospel show, with the Broadway’s Gospel singers. Her schedule can be checked on http://www.jeanemanson.com/index.php?lang=frLast June, she sang along her daughter Shirel in the Israeli musical Salt & Honey in Jerusalem http://www.saltandhoneythemusical.com/Jeane Manson represented Luxembourg in Jerusalem, in 1979, with the song J’ai déjà vu ça dans tes yeux and finished 13th with a total of 44 points.