Johnny Logan to release new album in Scandinavia

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After The Irish Connection, released in Scandinavia last year, Johnny Logan, returns with a new album. Irishman in America was recorded in no less than five different countries and was entirely produced and arranged by three times Eurovision winner himself and features his three sons as backing vocalists in the title song.

Irishman in America, Johnny Logan's new album will be released in Denmark on 19 September, in Sweden on the 24th and on the 29th in Norway. The album is described as: " A bridge between Ireland and America. A bridge between past and present. A bridge between those of us who are still alive and those of our dear ones who have crossed to the land of the dead.". It follows Johnny's 2007 album, The Irish connection, which went platinum in Denmark, twice platinum in Norway and gold in Sweden. For the album, Johnny has chosen songs that mean something to him from old American, traditional This land is your land to Piece of my heart, originally sung by legendary Janice Joplin.

After the sudden death of Calle, Johnny's close friend and promoter who was supposed to be in charge of the new album's production, Logan decided to go ahead and undertake the responsibility of the project himself for the first time in his long and successful career. "I have personally arranged and produced all of it. And I am very excited to see how it will be received. It is the first time I have tried it. But nothing has been left to chance. I have focused intently on every detail. I would like to make something more adventurous and different this time, but still remain faithful to my audience", explains Johnny Logan.

The 12 tracks of the album were recorded in five different counties across the Atlantic. The rhythmic section – drums and bass – were recorded in Denmark together with his Danish band, the keys in Germany, the stringed instruments, pedal guitar and steel guitar, dobro, banjo, and the American fiddle in Nashville, USA and the Irish fiddle and the characteristic Irish tin whistle in Ireland. "There is not a single electric guitar on the album. Everything is made with acoustic guitars", says Johnny who has written Irishman in America, Sorry, Bridges of my heart and Dancing with my father.

Track list
01. Rocky road To Dublin
02. The night they drove old dixie down
03. Belle Of Belfast
04. Dancing with my father
05. This land is your land
06. Piece Of My heart
07. The Alabama song
08. Bridges of my heart
09. Sorry
10. Paddy on the railway
11. Waxies Dargle
12. Irishman In America

You can find more information on the album and Johnny Logan's appearances in Scandinavia, Germany and ireland on his official website, here.

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