Eurovision 2009: Reference Group meeting in Moscow

by Victor Hondal 114 views

The members of EBU's Reference Group have arrived in Moscow, where they are to celebrate a meeting with the aim of being informed about the host broadcaster's Channel 1 Russia plans for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. Among the issues that the Reference Group will discuss tomorrow is the current voting procedure, which could be revised for next year.

The Reference Group members were welcomed in Moscow, Russia by Mr Yury Aksyuta, Executive Producer of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. Today, Channel 1 Russia, host broadcaster of the upcoming Eurovision, invited the Reference Group to meet the proposed venue, the Olimpiisky Arena, which enjoys a very large size, allowing it to house all the facilities -i.e., stage and press centre would be under the same roof, providing confort for delegates and accredited staff-.

Channel 1 have also presented other facts regarding the 2009 running of the Eurovision Song Contest. There have been some appointments for the 2009 contest: Ms Laria Krymova is the Public Relations and Press Officer, and Mr Andrey Boltenko will be in charge of the Multi-camera Direction. The preliminary date for the Opening Reception has been set for Saturday, May 9th 2009, three days before the first semifinal and a week before the grand final of Eurovision 2009.

An important issue to many fans wishing to travel to Moscow next year is the high prices the Russian capital has gained fame for. Channel 1 Russia have received confirmation from Moscow city officials that they will negotiate reasonable prices -in a wide range- with official hotels.

The meeting will continue tomorrow. The Reference Group is expected to discuss the potential improvement of the current voting system.