Discover Stockholm: A visit to Hovet (The Press Centre venue)

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 1,151 views

ESCToday in collaboration with the City of Stockholm will be bringing you a series of articles leading up to the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in order to showcase and introduce the 2016 Eurovision host city Stockholm to our readers. Today we will visit Hovet, the venue which will house the 2016 Eurovision Press Centre.

hovet 5
Inside Hovet , Press Centre venue (photo credit: Michalis Vranis)

Esctoday’s Head of Press Sergio Jiandani and Managing Director Michalis Vranis were in Stockholm last month on a research trip and got the chance to check out the Eurovision host city, the preparations prior to the event and visited the prime Eurovision 2016 event venues and locations.

Sergio inspecting Hovet (Press Centre venue) in Stockholm

The ESCToday boys visited all 4 Globe Arenas venues and checked out the facilities which will be used for the forthcoming 2016 Eurovision Song Contest.

ESCToday got the chance to visit the 2016 Press Centre premises aka Hovet. We got to inspect the extraordinary venue, which is used as an ice stadium. The venue will be completely transformed for Eurovision and will totally look different for the occasion. You will not recognize the arena when you come to Eurovision in May!

Esctoday visit Hovet the Press centre venue

The Press Centre will consist of the Press Working Area, the Press Conference Hall, Fan Zone and Lounge Area, canteen, Info Desk and Pigeon holes Area, interview booths and cabins etc.

Hovet interior (photo credit: Michalis Vranis)

The premises that will host the 2016 Press Centre will be amazing. Both the City of Stockholm and SVT have put in a lot of hard work and effort in order to organize the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

The Accreditation Centre outside Hovet (photo credit: Sergio Jiandani)

The Hovet is located just next to the Globe Arena and is connected to the Eurovision venue via a bridge. The Accreditation Centre is just outside the Press Centre entrance.

hovet 2
The Fan Zone Area at Hovet (photo credit: Michalis Vranis)

Accredited Eurovision fans will be in for a real treat as they will be lots of surprises in store for them at the Press Centre. The accredited fans will have their own Fan Zone Area and Lounge on the premises enabling them to enjoy and live Eurovision!

Fan Zone and Lounge Area at Hovet (photo credit: Sergio Jiandani)

Currently work has started at Hovet and the construction of the 2016 Press Centre and has kicked off. The ice has been removed and the installation of the press centre is in full swing. The hall will be dressed up in true Eurovision style in order to make it welcoming and enticing for the strong army of nearly 2,000 journalists and accredited fans who will be making this venue their work are during the 2 Eurovision weeks.

The Press Centre construction begins on 26 April at Hovet, the ice has been removed from floor (photo credit:

The clock is ticking, the days are flying and Eurovision is round the corner….. Welcome to Stockholm and the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest!

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