Eurovision 2016: Security measures in Stockholm

by Michalis Vranis 3,388 views

Various news posts around Europe focusing on the security factor in Stockholm and the Eurovision Song Contest which is taking place next month in the city. Security officials spoke to ESCToday.

High profile media outlets published a story about the security measures to be taken in Stockholm and the whole country, highlighting the fact that the Swedish security services are on high alert for a potential terror threat. RT sources Swedish media reports which claim that several Islamic State fighters have arrived in Sweden and plan to carry out attacks on civilian targets in Stockholm.

ESCToday spoke with the officials who are responsible for the security in the city during the Eurovision Song Contest. Jesper Ackinger, COO Stockholm Business Region and Executive City Project Manager for Eurovision Song Contest 2016, gave an exclusive statement at ESCToday regarding the security matters.

The City of Stockholm is responsible for the security during Eurovision Song Contest. We are used to large high profile events and are working specifically with event security, safety and well-being all year around. Stockholm Globe Arenas is the largest venue district in Stockholm with more than 20 years of experience of large events.

We have made our plans from a perspective of a high security level, and are well prepared to welcome Europe to our beautiful City. Safety and security are important elements in creating a fantastic event. Our goal is that all visitors should have a wonderful experience.

The special team formed for the arrangement in the Globe has continuous planned meetings with the police and relevant authorities. We do not comment on the security around the events.

Jesper Ackinger
COO Stockholm Business Region and Executive City Project Manager for Eurovision Song Contest 2016

Recommendations for the visitors of Eurovision Song Contest venues

If you’re visiting Stockholm this May for the Eurovision Song Contest, be aware of some guidelines which will make your life easier. As with all larger events, the City of Stockholm recommends all visitors to:

  • Arrive well ahead of the time of each event
  • Use public transport to the Globe area
  • Avoid bringing large bags, large cameras, umbrellas or selfie-sticks. However, cellphone cameras and smaller compact cameras are welcome
  • Bringing food and drinks inside the arena is not allowed, but there are plenty of places to eat and drink in the area

For obvious reasons the security plans will not be made public although, it’s not difficult to take a look back to all the major events that the City of Stockholm was involved with, and feel the confidence that, yes, they will take care of everything.