San Marino goes disco and changes Eurovision version of ‘I didn’t know’

by Gil Laufer 204 views

The popularity that the disco version of I didn’t know has gained during the recent time has made San Marino to change its mind and to send the disco version to the Eurovision Song Contest instead of the first version released.

Yet another case of the fans’ opinion that matters: reactions on social media and on YouTube showed that the public prefers the disco version on the ballad version that was published first. The disco version, which was more than four minutes long, was shorted to three minutes and is now the official entry of San Marino for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest.

Serhat is a Turkish singer, producer and television presenter who was born and raised in Istanbul. In 1994, Serhat established his own company entitled End Productions and in the same year went on to host and produce the Turkish television show, Riziko!. His musical career began in 1997 and he has released singles in a number of different languages including Turkish, English, French and Russian. In recent years, Serhat has worked in both France and Germany with his most recent single being released in 2014 entitled Je m’adore which charted in a number of different charts around Europe.

A multinational team stands behind I didn’t know, as it is written by the Turkish composer Olcayto Ahmet Tugsuz and Greek lyricist Nektarios Tyrakis. The song itself was recorded in Belgium.

Listen to the new Disco Eurovision version of I didn’t know:

San Marino will participate in the first half of the first semifinal on 10 May.

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