Sweden: Frans wins Melodifestivalen 2016!

by Jessica Weaver 1,223 views

Six weeks of competition, 12 finalists but only 1 winner! Frans has won Melodifesitvalen 2016 and will represent the host nation of Sweden at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest!

This evening saw the 12 national selection finalists perform their bidding Eurovision entries for a final time on the Melodifestivalen stage, with the final event being hosted at the Friends Arena in Stockholm.

Tonight’s winner was decided via a 50/50 combined international jury and national televote. The international jury was made up of members from 11 of this year’s competing Eurovision nations; Australia, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Cyprus, Estonia, France, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway and Slovenia.

With Oscar Zia leading with the jury, it was down to the public televote to decide the remaining 50% of the final votes.The final votes went as follows:



Jury vote


Final points

1 Frans If I were sorry 88 68 156
2 Oscar Zia Human 89 43 132
3 Ace Wilder Don’t worry 83 35 118
4 Wiktoria Save me 69 45 114
5 Robin Bengtsson Constellation prize 40 43 83
6 Molly Sandén Youniverse 39 37 76
7 Lisa Ajax My heart wants me dead 23 33 56
8 Panetoz Håll om mig hårt 14 39 53
9 SaRaha Kizunguzungu 11 36 47
10 Boris René Put your love on me 6 35 41
11 David Lindgren We are your tomorrow 11 28 39
12 Samir & Viktor Bada nakna 0 31 31

Receiving the highest amount of points in total following the combination of jury and public votes, Frans was crowned the winner of Melodifestivalen 2016 and will go on to represent Sweden at the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest. Frans will compete in the grand final of this year’s contest on the 14 May with his entry, If I were sorry.

What do you think of Sweden’s 2016 Eurovision entry? Could Frans bring Sweden their seventh victory?

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