ESCToday’s Press Poll: Freddie wins A Dal 2016

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Reporting live from Budapest: A poll among the journalists who are currently at MTVA’s Studios in Budapest for the grand final of A Dal 2016 was taken in order to predict who is going to win the Hungarian national selection for Eurovision 2016.

A total of twenty journalists had to rank their top three, awarding five points to their first place, three points to the second and one point to the third. These are the results:


Following Freddie’s win in the Press Poll as well as in the National Chart that was taken before the first show of A Dal was held, Freddie was asked about his feelings right before tonight’s show begins:

I am really looking forward to get on stage. I always hate waiting, and these days are all about waiting. We came here in the morning, to set up all the things we need for the show, and now we are all fired up, trying to solve those not even problems but those things that we still need to get better. Rehearsals went well as well so right now I am really happy and I am really looking forward to sing.

Petruska stands out second right after Freddie with a margin of 30 points. Anders Kállay-Saunders, who represented Hungary in Eurovision 2014 and finished 5th, has only got the fourth place among the journalists (despite being the runner-up of the National Chart)


Petruska getting ready to roll right before tonight’s final of A Dal 2016 (Picture: Gil Laufer/ESCToday)

The final of A Dal 2016 will begin shortly and the winner will be determined in two rounds of voting: the jury will choose four superfinalists and 100% televoting will decide who out of these four will be Hungary’s representative for Eurovision 2016.

Stay tuned to for more news live from Budapest regarding A Dal and Hungary in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016


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