United Kingdom: Sir Terry Wogan laid to rest

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Beloved TV-personality and long-time Eurovision-commentator, Sir Terry Wogan, has been laid to rest in a private ceremony last Tuesday.

Sir Terry Wogan passed away on 31 January 2016, aged 77, after suffering from cancer. He was an iconic TV-personality in both the United Kingdom and Ireland, and known throughout Europe as long-time British Eurovision-commentator. Last Tuesday, 9 February 2016, Terry Wogan was laid to rest in a private ceremony, attended by family and friends. The funeral was kept out of the spotlight, with details not being disclosed, as requested by the family.

Sir Michael Terence “Terry” Wogan was born in Limerick, Ireland, on the 3rd of August 1938. Both a radio- and TV-host, he worked for the BBC most of his life. He is internationally known for being the UK’s Eurovision-commentator, also often hosting the British national preselections, on and of from 1971 until 2008, via both radio and television. He also co-hosted the 1998 Eurovision Song Contest in Birmingham, together with Ulrika Jonsson.

Terry Wogan’s commentating style was often humerous and satirical, and may be described as a love-hate relationship with Eurovision. However, to many fans, Terry Wogan’s comments and typical voice were inextricably linked to the Eurovision-experience. By both colleagues and fans, he will be missed.

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