Sweden: Charlotte Perrelli no longer Melodifestivalen 2016 host

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This year’s Melodifestivalen will feature co-hosts that will change every show to accompany the main host Gina Dirawi. However, Charlotte Perrelli, that was supposed to co-host the second semifinal, is not going to fill this role due to breaches against SVT’s contract.

Charlotte Perrelli has started a campaign with the cellular copmany Comviq in November 2015. SVT had to confirm and approve Perrelli’s contributions to commercials as part of the contract. However, SVT did not take in mind the length of the campaign which now caused a breach against the rules of being a Melodifestivalen host.

“Sometimes things go wrong and we at SVT take responsibility for that. We apologise for Charlotte for that and for the negative publicity she got in the last days. Yesterday, Charlotte and SVT met in order to fix the situation in the best way, which resulted in that Charlotte is going to have an extended role as an artist under the show”, says Annette Helenius, SVT’s Project Leader.

Charlotte herself seems to be pleased with the new role, as her Instagram post suggests:

“I’m not going to be a host next Saturday, due to a miss in the agreement with SVT! However, the artist in me is going to be shown more during the night and I’m going to contribute in some songs and other contributions that we now write and work on. It feels very good and really fun! It fits me like a hand in a glove”

The Instagram account kändisnöje suggested earlier today that Charlotte might lose her role after writing that Molly Pettersson Hammar should win Melodifestivalen this year, especially after taking part in the Swedish musical show Så ska det låta.

Habibi Habibi! Ana bahibak k’tir k’tir! – Watch Charlotte singing in arabic as part of the commercial with Comviq

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