Greece: A song about the Refugees for Eurovision?

by Michalis Vranis 582 views

The Greek entry will feature a message of solidarity towards the Refugees, it will be written in Greek (music and lyrics) and its main topic will be the Economic and the Refugee crisis the country is suffering from, Greek media report.

Several reports today in the Greek media, claim that Mr. Dionisis Tsknis, the General Director of the public broadcaster ERT, commented that the country’s participation in Stockholm will be a positive song presenting Greek elements in music as well as the lyrics. Local media report today that ERT will not hold a national selection show like the country got us used to the last couple of years. The broadcaster has already selected the artist and the song(s) that will represent the country at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm.

Political message?

It’s well known that the country is suffering of two crises; the Economic and the Refugee crisis. Mr. Tsaknis hinted that the song will focus on what the country is facing today, whether that means that the lyrics include a political message or a message for solidarity accross Europe.

Balkan and/or Pontian elements

During his statements, Mr. Taksnis referred to the music style the song will be written at: The song that will represent Greece, will feature ethnic elements, either Balkan or Pontian sounds, and in no case there will be dancers, effects and flamboyant stage performances.
He later concluded that these are elements that other countries can present in Eurovision much more successfully than us. Both the show on stage with the flamboyant singers and the respective acts. On the other hand, Greece, is not facing that phase nowadays.”
Nevertheless, there is no official statement from ERT press department regarding the Greek participation in May. Within the next few weeks, an official announcement and presentation will be made.

Reminding that Greece will compete in the first half of the first semi-final of the 61st Eurovision Song Contest, taking place on 10 May 2016 in Stockholm.

Stay tuned as more news about the Greek entry will be revealed in due course.