Three songs left to go in Eurovision line-up

by Benny Royston 63 views

After this weekend, there are just three Eurovision Song Contest songs left to be decided for 2008. Tonight, Serbia will decide who will sing on home ground, San Marino is expected to declare their song in the next 24 hours and finally, on Saturday night, the last national final of the 2008 season will take place as all eyes turn to the Globen Arena for Melodifestivalen 2008.

In the last week, the big four have decided on their Eurovision Song Contest entries. The United Kingdom and Germany chose more mainstream entries, France went for alternative music with the critically acclaimed Sebastien Tellier and Spain became the latest country to select a gimmick in the form of a comedian.

Belgium selected a song in a made-up language, five years after the idea took the country to second place at the Eurovision Song Contest with Urban Trad. Portugal decided on local pop idol winner, Vania Fernandez, in what was described as a strong Festival da Canção and Armenia selected the Eurovision fan favourite's entry from Sirusho's song selection show. Qele Qele took 72% of the readers votes before the final.

In a marathon national final of 27 songs, Dima Bilan won the right to return to the Eurovision Song Contest for a second attempt with the US hit producer, Timbaland. Two years after finishing second in Athens, Dima will go to Belgrade keen to take Russia's

Next week, after the draw for the semi final running orders at the Heads of Delegation meeting in Belgrade, the 2008 Big Poll will launch. will once again ask you to predict the outcome of the shows (rather than your favouite entry). We will also be running a series of other polls for readers and fans to have your say on the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest.

In the '12 to go' poll last week, we asked readers to vote for their favourite song so far. Thre result of the top 10 was:

  1. Switzerland 11.5%
  2. Iceland 9%
  3. Turkey 8%
  4. Norway 7.5%
  5. Greece 7%
  6. Israel 5.5%
  7. Ireland 5%
  8. United Kingdom 4.5%
  9. Ukraine 4.5%
  10. Poland 4%


Have your opinions changed since the latest nine songs have been announced? Which of this week's songs can make the most impact at the Eurovision Song Contest? What kind of songs would give Sweden, San Marino and Serbia the best chances to win in 2008? Have your say in the reactions below.