Belgium: Quite the year for Loïc Nottet

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The Belgian singer dropped jaws when he took the stage of the Wiener Stadhalle singing for his country in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 and he brought Belgium to the top 5 of the scoreboard in the Grand Final. His successful Eurovision experience laid the frame for a meteoric career which has continued after Vienna. And it looks just the beginning…

Loïc Nottet came to fame as a participant in a talent show. His father wanted him to become a football player, but he preferred arts to sports. After seeing his trajectory through the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 as the Belgian entrant you can only agree that he made the right choice. He was meant for this, as proven by his hard work and commitment to his job as a singer and a dancer.

As a result of his efforts he has come to fame and gathered almost universal praise. The Australian representative in the past Eurovision Song Contest, Guy Sebastian, did mention him during a press conference as one of the most remarkable participants.

First in YouTube in Belgium

Loïc has had a busy year, no doubt. The participation for Belgium with Rhythm inside was a non-stop project. Shortly after Vienna we saw him dance in the show Danse avec les stars, something quite adequate for him, as he did state that before being a singer, I was and am a dancer. His presence in the media and his unquestionable success may have played a role in Rhythm inside being the most popular video in YouTube in Belgium.

As the Belgian francophone broadcaster RTBF publishes, YouTube published the numbers for the closing of 2015 and Loïc’s video for his Eurovision entry hit number one, even above such famous French YouTubers as Norman and Cyprien, whose videos pull a huge number of hits. It is unquestionable that Loïc has made an impression in his home country.

Praise from new York

The recognition to Loïc Nottet’s capabilities and potential as a singer has come even from New York, where the music magazine The Fader has included Loïc Nottet in its list of 7 Europeans that are making pop a safe space for weirds. As the magazine explains it, these musicians are drawing from the main stream and the underground, to disrupt visual norms and change the shape of pop to come. When it comes to Loïc, he is described as the Kryptonite of the Eurovision Song Contest, as his performance broke the molds of the Eurovision entries with his intriguing minimalism. Rhythm inside is recognized as excellent by The Fader. The performance by Loïc and his dancers in Vienna is also praised by the magazine as interesting; and with solemnity, too.

Quite a year, yes. But there are many more to come, hopefully loaded with new and surprising proposals by the boy who entered adulthood in the Eurovision arena and who has it all to take over the world.

Loïc Nottet represented Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with his song Rhythm inside.

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