Italy: Arisa wants Eurovision!

by Fernando Méndez 124 views

She stood next to Carlo Conti and Emma Marrone on the stage of the Ariston this year. Now Arisa will be back on the same stage in 2016 as a participant in competition for the trophy of the Italian song contest… and looking forward to the Eurovision Song Contest!

The singer Arisa was a valletta in the Festival di Sanremo 2015. It was recently revealed that she was in the list of the 20 Big that would compete in the Festival in 2016.

The winner of Sanremo is offered the ticket to the Eurovision Song Contest as the entrant for Italy. Well, Arisa has already stated that she would like to be the Italian representative in Stockholm.

Different media in Italy have echoed the words of the artist to the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera. To the journalists Arisa declared that being in Sanremo is like cutting the ribbon of a new project. I hope that this time it won’t all stop there. On the one hand, I don’t want to win and then look like the first in class. On the other hand, I’d like to win so I can go to Eurovision.

She has good memories of her past role as valletta, but this time she is set to show the audience of Sanremo a different side of her. As valletta, my funny side surfaced, but this year I’ll show a more reserved side of myself. Otherwise you’re not taken serious as a singer, she stated.

So one potential candidate who is already looking into singing in Stockholm for Italy. Arisa will participate in the upcoming Festival di Sanremo, which will be celebrated and broadcast by the Italian broadcaster RAI from 9 to 13 February 2016.

Italy was represented in the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 by the trio Il Volo with Grande Amore, which reached the third position. The country has won the Contest twice, in 1964 with Gigliola Cinquetti singing Non ho l’età, and in 1990 with Toto Cotugno singing Insieme: 1992.

Will Arisa make her way to Stockholm? Will we see her winning for Italy in 2016? Whatever happens, will bring the news to you. Stay tuned…