Spain: Ruth Lorenzo stands up for her fans

by Fernando Méndez 247 views

The Spanish Eurovision entrant in 2014 replied to derogatory comments on her fans posted on her Twitter account by a user of the network.

Ruth Lorenzo is busy, but she still takes time to review her accounts in social media. It was doing so that she found on 15 December a disparaging tweet which spurned her fans, as published by The comment, in poor Spanish, stated that Ruth’s male fans are gay and the girls are anorexic, don’t you have any normal one?


The interpreter of Dancing in the rain wanted to stand up for her followers and she replied with outrage to the comment by saying that I can be called whatever since I don’t give a damn, but my people can’t. Ruth had previously retorted to the anonymous user that whoever you are, you are a disgrace as a person, hiding behind a computer to spew such nonsense.

The string of comments was eventually deleted from the singer’s Twitter to avoid any further controversy, but Ruth Lorenzo has demonstrated that her fans are like family to her and that she is ready to defend them against whatever and whoever.

Ruth Lorenzo represented Spain with Dancing in the rain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen, reaching the tenth position in the Grand Final.

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