Spain: A tribute to 60 years of Eurovision

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The Spanish broadcaster RTVE will include a review of Spanish Eurovision songs in its Christmas special programming. The Spanish contribution to the Eurovision Song Contest will be revisited by RTVE´s presenters in a particular episode of one of the broadcaster’s most successful series.

Christmas is a good time for nostalgia. 60 years is a special birthday which also stirs the pining for the past. Both things put together are the perfect combination for a special occasion, and the Spanish broadcaster RTVE will use the chance to pay homage to the Eurovision Song Contest and to the songs that have represented the country in the 60th anniversary of the contest this Christmas.


The Christmas show Telepasión is a special program that RTVE has produced in previous occasions and which consists of classic songs being performed by some the channel’s most recognized presenters. Names like Julia Otero or Pedro Piqueras were already seen covering Blue Moon and the tango Cambalache respectively many years ago.

This year the format will be fully dedicated to the Eurovision Song Contest and the entries that Spain sent to compete, which will be interpreted (or better yet, reinterpreted) by 70 men and women that conduct the broadcaster’s shows and news.

The Ministry of Time

Telepasión comes in a distinctive format this year, as the already known “celebrities-covering-classic-hits” show will be constructed this year as a parody of a science-fiction tv-series produced and broadcast by RTVE, El Ministerio del Tiempo (The Ministry of Time). The show tells the story of a group of agents of a secret cell who travel in time to make sure that History is not altered by time-intruders for their own benefit.

In the parody, the agents of the Ministry will make sure that Telepasión is successfully chieved and that the audience will complete its trip back in time through the Spanish Eurovision Songs.

The cast of El Ministerio del Tiempo - RTVE
The cast of El Ministerio del Tiempo – RTVE

RTVE stars like Cayetana Guillén-Cuervo or Anne Igartiburu (a regular in Eurovision-related programs in RTVE) will stage songs like Europe’s living a celebration (Spain 2002), La, la, la (Spain 1968), Bailar pegados (Spain 1989), Estando contigo (the country’s first entry in 1961), Dile que la quiero (Spain 2001) and many more.

Anne Igartiburu
Anne Igartiburu

Telepasión will also include cameo appearances by other actors and singers, including Daniel Diges (Spain 2010) and Edurne, the latest entrant for Spain in the Eurovision Contest. Even cartoons characters like Peppa Pig will feature as guest stars in the show.

Telepasión will be broadcast by TVE 1 on the evening of 24 December, Christmas Eve.

Spain was represented by Edurne in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with Amanecer. The country has participated with no interruption since 1961 and it counts two victories, in 1968 with La, la, la by Massiel and in 1969 with Vivo cantando by Salomé.

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