Iceland: Hera Björk gives us a ‘Scent of Christmas’

by Gil Laufer 470 views

After releasing her second Christmas album Ilmur af jólum II in 2013, Hera Bjork went on to win the Viña del Mar International Song Festival in Chile, where she currently lives. But as Christmas is coming, Hera is coming back to Iceland for a special concert with various guests.

Hera is best known for representing Iceland in Eurovision 2010 with the song Je ne sais quoi. She was also a backing singer for Iceland in 2008, 2009 and 2015, as well as finishing second in Denmark’s Dansk Melodi Grand Prix in 2009 with Someday.

It’s not only schlager she provides us, but also relaxed Christmas ballads. She will hold a special christmas concert on 28 November in Reykjavík, featuring special guests as Eiríkur Hauksson who represented Iceland in Eurovision 1986 and 2007. Tickets for the concert can be purchased here

Check out a sneak peak from Hera’s previous Christmas concert:

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