Spain: The Spanish fans favorites for Stockholm

by Fernando Méndez 494 views

The Spanish portal has completed an internal vote with the Spanish fans’ favorites as the country’s entrant next year in Stockholm. The three top choices are men solo artists. Other names can be read in the list, too.

The three top artists in the vote held by to shortlist the best choices for the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 are Pablo LópezXuso Jones and Álvaro Soler. The band Mago de Öz and the singer Virginia Maestro also show up among the possible choices.

Pablo López is the fan’s favorite. We learned from the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia of the short reply that the artist posted on Twitter (Thank you very much, really) when replying to one of his followers who asked about the result of the vote.

Pablo López has released his second studio album El mundo y los amantes inocentes. In an interview for the artist stated that representing Spain is a risky responsibility, and was I to go, I’d do it with no playback, no fireworks, just music.

The vote’s runner-up Xuso Jones has clearly claimed that he feels fully ready to represent Spain and to start working in a project with no improvisation, with plenty of preparation and work to build up the perfect entry.

Álvaro Soler ended third in the voting. He stepped into fame with his song featuring Jennifer López, El mismo sol. To he said that he has not given a thought to participating in the Eurovision Song Contest, but you never know. It would be great too to participate as a song’s author for another artist.

This is the choice of the fans, and no official statement or announcement has been made by the Spanish broadcaster TVE so far.

Will any of these three be the chosen one? Whether it is or not will have the news ready for you.