Spain: Edurne’s upcoming adventures

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The Spanish Eurovision representative keeps working non-stop. Apart from and after her album and the tour, she is busy too with her work on TV and she will share soon her first experience as a writer.

Edurne did not take a break after singing Amanecer for Spain back in May at the 60th Eurovision Song Contest. Shortly afterwards she launched her album and set off on a tour. Some time ago she got involved as a member of the jury of the Spanish version of the talent show Got Talent with Telecinco … And now we learn through Formula TV that she will be seen embarking herself in an adventure with Jesús Calleja, the conductor of the Cuatro show Planeta Calleja, which involves his bold trips and activities together with a famous guest. Tonight the former Eurovision participant and candidate David Bustamante will appear in an issue of the show dedicated to Norway.

Edurne will feature later into the third season of Planeta Calleja traveling to Tanzania. Little has transpired of what will be seen… We will have to wait until we see Edurne surrounded by the African wildlife and magical landscapes.

Book writer

Edurne unveils a new facet of her talent this month as a writer with a self-help book to be released in bookshops on 20 October. El cóctel de la felicidad (The happiness cocktail) is a piece of work intended to help the readers based on the artist’s self-improvement experience and her attitude towards life: stay positive, no limits, learn form mistakes, stand up when you fall and keep learning and struggling.

Edurne's "El cóctel de la felicidad" - From Edurne's Facebook Page
Edurne’s “El cóctel de la felicidad” – From Edurne’s Facebook Page

The author will be signing copies of the book in Madrid on 26 October.

Edurne represented Spain at the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with Amanecer.

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