Live: Ireland National Final

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The live national final of the Irish selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2008 is about to take place. You can watch the webcast by following the link below.


If crashes due to server capacity, you can visit the livelog here until the site comes back.

Expert Jury: Dana (winner Eurovision Song Contest 1970), Louis Walsh (Music Manager) and Marija Serifovic(winner Eurovision Song Contest 2007)

ACT 1: Donal Skehan – Double Cross My Heart

Dressed in a silver waistcoat and trousers, Donal is accompanied by 2 female dancers and 2 male dancers. Set in an atmosphere of blue, the choreography looks over practiced. Overall the performance is very euro-pop.

Louis: Great start and great energy

Marija: Good job but I don’t like that type of songs

ACT 2:Dustin the Turkey-Irlande Douze Pointe

Before Dustin came on the audience were booing. Dustin came out on a shopping trolley. The backing dancers are dressed in “show” gear. The presentation is very much people dancing semi-naked about but has no substance and there is a lot of shouting from Dustin! When the song was over there was a mixture of booing and applause. Very much "in your face" performance.

Dana: I’m stuck for words, it’s a dance record, but not a song for Eurovision.

Marija: Sometimes its good to be different, what can I say?

Louis: People will either like it or hate it, I don’t know what Europe will think, but I don’t think its suitable for Eurovision.

The audience continue booing.

ACT 3: Maya – Time to Rise

Dressed in a plain white dress Maya has a very impressive vocal range. She is joined mid-way through by 4 male dancers performing what looks like ballet dancing. Maya is then elevated up high on a box and her dress is extended downwards.

Marija: Great song, great singer, however you sing too much in the song, no pauses.

Louis: heardsongs like thatall before, nothing new.

Dana: you’re belting out too much, you have a good voice, take care of it, not the song for eurovision sorry!

ACT 4:Leona Daly-Not Crazy After All

Leona in black is joined on stage by a band dressed in black, 1 female backing singer, 1 guy on guitar, drums and keyboard. She then strips into a short red mini dress.

Louis: an amazing voice, very steamy and very good.

Marija: the key is in the short dress!

Dana: great voice, distracting, not a eurovision song, get a lower pair of heels and get an inch on your dress, don’t distract from the song

ACT 5:Liam Geddes-Sometimes

Liam begins sitting on a stool, dressed in a black suit and red shirt he begins to stand up and sings a ballad. Liam is joined onstage with Susan the composeron piano, 2 violinists and a male and female backing singer. It’s a very much traditional Irish entry. It's all dead around him and he’s very sad looking.

Dana: a really good voice, we have a talent here, very musical, not ready for eurovision I don’t think maybe next year

Louis: best new singer in Ireland, not ready yet

Marija: a great voice, you have a sad song, but u should smile more

ACT 6: Marc Roberts- Chances

Up tempo song, joined by 2 female and 2 male backing singers, dressed in black, clear voice, set in pink and blue staging. Typical traditional Irish entry to Eurovision. Strong performance.

Louis: good guy, nice voice, not crazy about the song.

Marija: very old sounding,I respect your voice and age

Dana: I like that song, an album song, not sure eurovision winner, good artist, I congratulate you.

Overall reaction after all 6acts have beenperformed by expert jury:

Louis: my favourite is Donal, but I think the people will vote Dustin

Dana: I don’t think any could win Eurovision, I think the people who picked Dustin are the turkeys!

Louis: Dustin is from RTÉ and its an RTÉ show thats why i think he's here.

Marija: I think the "duck", the turkey will win

Louis: I want Donal to win but I think it will be Dustin

Dana: If Dustin wins I think we should pull out of the Eurovision Song Contest for good.

Marija closes the first show with her song "Molitva" winner of Eurovision Song Contest 2007.

RESULTS SHOW AT 22:45 CET (21:45 local time)

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