Joan Tena continues in Spanish academy

by Bjørn Erik Opheim 63 views

A hair-raising close race between Joan Tena and Danni Úbeda (picture) finally got an outcome yesterday at midnight: Joan Tena was saved by only 52.1% of the televoters. The biggest surprise of the night was the non-appearance of Tony Santos as the favourite of the televiewers.

5.2 million Spanish TV viewers followed the entire Operación Triunfo show Monday evening, with a peak in the viewing rates of 6.8 million, making four out of ten Spanish televiewers watch the performance of Ainhoa and Vega. Ironically, these two girls would finally end up as the two nominated singers in the end of the gala. As the coming show on December 22 will be a special one dedicated the humanitarian work realized by artists of the first edition of the programme, and where the singers of both editions will finally meet, the voters will have two entire weeks to decide which of the girls to eliminate.

Joan Tena was nominated again this week, but luckily for him saved by his teachers. The remaining artists decided to rescue Nika, who was the fourth nominated singer.

The speculations have been running high lately, indicating that Tony Santos most probably will win the series and represent Spain in Riga. This confident attitude received a blow last night when Manuel Carrasco surprisingly was addressed as the favourite of the televiewers. But the trio with the highest general popularity stayed the same one more week as the two other nominees were Beth and Tony Santos.

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