Spain: Betty Missiego’s farewell

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She was born in Peru but she has lived in Spain for a long, long time. The woman who represented Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 1979 will put an end to an extended career with two concerts this year, one in Spain and one in Peru.

Beatriz Teresa Missiego Campos is simply known as Betty Missiego. She was born in Lima, the capital of Peru in 1945. In 1969 she moved to Spain and she was granted the Spanish citizenship in 1972.

After fifty years singing, Betty Missiego will bid farewell to the stage with two concerts that will be her last ones. One will be in the Teatro Cervantes in Málaga, Spain. The news of this farewell concert was confirmed by the theater’s management, which announced this week the programmed events for the forthcoming season. The second concert will be in Lima, Peru.

Betty’s farewell concert in Málaga is titled Hasta siempre, and it will take place on 2 December 2015. The tickets are already available for purchase at the Teatro Cervantes.

Teatro Cervantes, Málaga, Spain
Teatro Cervantes, Málaga, Spain

As the singer herself states in the presentation of the show, I believe it is time to say goodbye to my career, with no resentment or envy, just with the satisfaction of having done what I like most: singing.

The artist has stated that she has chosen the Teatro Cervantes in Málaga for her farewell because in the years I have lived in this wonderful land (Betty resides in Benalmádena, close to Málaga) its people have made me feel a woman again, a mother and then again an artist. To all of them I want to dedicate my last professional songs.

Betty Missiego has dedicated her life to shows and music. She has been a dancer, a television host and a singer. In Spain she is mostly remembered for her entry for Spain in the 24th Eurovision Song Contest in Jerusalem in 1979. Betty performed Su canción as the last entrant accompanied on stage by four children. In the history of Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest this is probably the most painful 2nd position that the country has obtained, as the it was left with one point below the host, Israel, which won the Contest with the points that Spanish jury granted it. Moreover, the Spanish jury was the last in the voting sequence. Many rumors and conspiracy theories have circulated around this second place, one point behind a winner that the national jury made a winner. Some of the stories make claims of an involvement of Adolfo Suárez, at the time Prime Minister of Spain. Most of those claimants are quite unaware of the rules of the Eurovision Song Contest, though…

The astounding disappointment that she must have felt was one thing that she had to deal with, but on that night of 31 March 1979 Betty had to cope with her emotions and keep a smiling face, as the kids who had shared the scene with her started crying when they saw the victory slipping away with the Spanish vote. Betty was moved and tried to cheer them up reminding them of how well things have turned out.

The Eurovision Song Contest was not her first international music competition. Betty Missiego had already represented Peru in 1972 at the OTI Song Festival, a contest based on the Eurovision model with Romance-Language countries in competition. The song that she defended, Recuerdos de un adiós, was composed by her.

Betty Missiego will say goodbye to her career leaving behind a CV that includes performances at the Olympia in Paris, countless shows in Spain, Latin America and the United States and 22 records in the market.

The date in 2 December in Málaga, Spain.

Betty Missiego represented Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 1979 with the song Su canción.

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