Estonia: Stig Rästa’s Traffic release Sekundiga

by Jessica Weaver 434 views

Stig Rästa, along with band members Traffic, has released the music video to their latest single Sekundiga.

Sekundiga, which translates into English as Seconds, was written and produced by both Stig Rästa and fellow band member Silver Laas. The music video to Sekundiga, which is filmed in different locations around Estonia, features a number of former Estonian Eurovision representatives since the country’s debut in in 1990s.

Some notable faces you’ll see in the music video include Maarja-Liis Ilus (1996 & 1997), Ivo Linna (1996), Ines (2000), Tanel Padar (2001), Jaan Pehk (Ruffus 2003), Hannes Võrno (Kreisiraadio 2008), Getter Jaani (2011), Ott Lepland (2012), Tanja (2014) and Elina Born (2015).

Check out the music video to Sekundiga below!

Stig Rästa, along with Elina Born, was selected to represent Estonia at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in the host city of Vienna. With their entry Goodbye to yesterday, the duo qualified from the second semi-final in third position, receiving a total of 106 points at the Grand Final and finishing in 7th place.

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