France: Natasha St-Pier premieres upcoming single

by Yann Messina 398 views

Canadian singer and mother-to-be Natasha St-Pier, who represented France with Je n’ai que mon âme in Copenhagen in 2001, will be back with a new album on 2 October. Entitled Mon Acadie, her new effort will be made of traditional songs from her native Acadia. The singer has premiered the first single, Tous les Acadiens.

Natasha invites us to discover the music of her native region situated in North-East Canada through traditional songs she grew up with. Recorded between France and Acadia, the new album Mon Acadie will showcase the history of the Acadian people, its traditional instruments such as the violin, the harmonica, the banjo or the accordion, and will feature several duets with Acadian, French and international artists performed in French, Iroquoian languages and Mi’kmaq language.

You can listen to the first single of the album, a cover of Tous les Acadiens originally performed by French singer Michel Fugain.