Morocco: Samira Saïd, new single out

by Yann Messina 869 views

Arab music superstar Samira Saïd, who represented Morocco at the Eurovision Song Contest 1980 on the Sharifian Kingdom’s sole appearance to date with the entry Bitaqat hob, released her brand new single Mazloom.

Following a spectacular comeback in 2013 with the hit single Mazal and a new Bestselling Moroccan Artist World Music Award received in Monaco last year, Samira Saïd signed a new deal with the Arab World’s most prestigious and important record label Rotana Records.

The Saudi owned music label and the Moroccan diva are currently working on a brand new album from which is extracted the new single Mazloom. The song has strong lyrics about oppression and is clearly influenced by the ‘Khaleejee’ music style coming from the Gulf countries. After 40 years of success, Samira Saïd definitely still knows how to reinvent herself…