Sweden: Christer Björkman warns over competition cost

by Michalis Vranis 622 views

Head of Delegation of Sweden, Christer Björkman gave an interview to Euronews, right before the country won the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest last Saturday. He shared his concerns over the competition cost as well as some tips on how to select a successful Eurovision act.

During the 10 minute interview with Euronews, Christer Björkman explains that the contest has grown unwieldy to the point that winning can become a burden.

Eurovision is all about Building Bridges, to get to know each others’ cultures. It has grown a lot, it has become huge, from 22 countries to 40 entries! When it comes to entertainment, it is the biggest event in the world“.

It is built upon the same idea and aims to overcome differences. As the friendly and peaceful games, we have entertainment, fun and easy-going shows he further explained.

Being a member of the Eurovision Reference Group, Björkman is aware of how difficult (and sometimes a burden as he states) the competition hosting can be. It costs a lot of money and we really should size it down a little bit, because we put a lot of pressure on the host broadcaster.