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Mayte is a 23 year old Operación Triunfo participant from Spain and an ardent fan of the Eurovision Song Contest. She has decided to try her hand to represent her country in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest with a fresh, happy song by Yann Charpentier and Miguel Linde. Eternamente has just been released online .

Mayte is a young, talented artist who wants to represent her country as she feels it is a great opportunity to be known locally and beyond. Eternamente is a song penned and composedby Miguel Linde and Yann Charpentier.

Yann Charpentier, is 24 years old and he comes from France. He spoke to us about the birth of Eternamente: "I met Miguel Linde 2 months ago and when we found out that we shared a musical universe, we decided to work together. We first worked on compositions for Spanish singers and when we read the news about the Spanish selections, we decided to take part. Eternamente is a mix between Miguel's influences and mine, we wanted light music, easy to listen to and at the same time, we wanted to stay in the Spanish music world through the guitars and the lyrics. After 4 weeks of hard work, Eternamente was born".

Mayte is a die hard Eurovision Song Contest fan.She has been following the contest for 15 years. Her favourite winner is Helena Paparizouwith My Number one. Mayte tells us about Eternamente : "I think it is a "fresh" song and it is really adequate fot the festival.It can make the listener feel good because it is very happy."

And what is the song about? "As almost all songs the main topic here is love, but this song is a little bit different because the main character has just finished a relationship but then she realises that there are more important things in the world and it is not necessary to be sad for a boy." says Mayte.

Miguel Linde is also 24 years old and he comes from Sevilla. Why should the Spanish public vote for your song, we asked Miguel : "Simple things always work and it's a party song!! Eurovision is a great party," Miguel Linde says, "to be happy and forget sorrows and the song tells us that we're capable of doing anything we want. Mayte has a wonderful voice and gives a perfect interpretation of the song".

You can listen to Mayte's Eternamente here.

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